Say WHAT?! - Heatley's still on readers' minds

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

* County adopts 'difficult' 2012 budget

I understand the board is trying to 'fix' things and feel obligated to not fill positions and lay off 57 employees and others have been put on part time status. Question? what about the board and other supposed hot shots ... have they had to take furlough days or go to part time and what about lowering their salaries...has that happened. I doubt it they need to keep up their standard of living while the "little folk" "the taxpayers" the unemployed are again and again thrown under the bus.

* County adopts 'difficult' 2012 budget

How may employees are on the County payroll. Take the that number and divide the the amount that the budget is short. That percent should be the percent that each employee gets as a payroll cut. Stop giving payroll increases when you don't have the revenue, Plain Business 101.

* Heatley calls for community support for schools

Obivously you have never read his resume or worked under his leadership. Attend a board meeting and you will quickly realize that Heatley has no clue about anything. Yes, he talks a good game; however, he is just a lot of talk and no substance. He does not even know the first thing about how schools operate. He thinks he is still a drill sergeant in the Marine Corps.

* Congressman Scott working to prevent foreclosures

Yes lets give some more tax money away. Im so sick of all these programs that are putting this country in debt. Lets give some more money to the "less fortunate". If they did not work for it they do not deserve it. Im so tired of entitlements and welfare and food stamps and on and on and on......

* Heatley calls for community support for schools

It's official: Moe, Larry, and Curly are running the school system. I attended tonight's work session and was amazed at the ineptness of the superintendent and the board members. Mrs. Goree is the only board member who questions anything. The superintendent is a joke. He is not respected at all. People attending the board meeting were laughing at him, making comments about his "activities," and scoffing at him. He needs to leave and go back to California. Please take Dr. Hendricks and Pam Adamson, too.

* Parking lot beating suspects arrested

I don't know what happened but I've never understood the jump thing where it takes more than one person to fight a single person.That's WEAK!!!!

* Parking lot beating suspects arrested

Why does it take four people to fight one person?They can't fight.That's a cowardly act.POINT BLANK PERIOD!!!!!!!

* Carley, Tony Samuel

Dana, I was heartbroken to hear of your loss. I just found out. I am so very sorry. If you need anything, anything at all, please do not hesitate to call. Nicki can help babysit; or if you just want someone to talk to you. I miss you sweetie! Love, Nancy

* New billboards highlight Henry's 'experiential value'

I cannot help but wonder if the billboards with be truthful in their assessment of the modern day Henry County, or, if the billboards are going to tout the way life was in Henry County 15, 25, or even 50 years ago? Our modern reality is that we were sold out by our elected officials over the previous ten years and we now have no measureable differention from Clayton, DeKalb, or Fulton Counties; we are a gang and crime infested cess pool of rental property, check cashing centers, and beauty supply stores. Thankfully, the day fast approaches when I can escape this place.

* Three stopped on I-75 in Butts Co. face 94 counts each

Ludacris could not have said it any clearer. You come to Georgia on vacation and you leave on probation.

* Commuter rail: Focus of transportation conference

What is so great about commuter rail from Henry County to Macon?? Henry countians do not work in Macon, they work north of Henry, in Atlanta and beyond.

* Conference addresses transportation, development issues

This is a sad day and time to live in. We have lied and pretended so much that we believe our own lies. Georgia's problems, the United States' problems are nothing more than greed and no respect for their fellowman. Until we break down this mountain of corruption within our own infrastructure, there will never be any effective progress in anything.

* Benz, Joseph Tod

Peggy and Chad, Dan and I have been living here in Ajijic, Mexico for almost a year now. It's a wonderful place to enjoy the weather. culture, food, people, children and cobblestone streets. I try to keep in touch with Doug, Terry Dodd, and Martha Purifoy when I visit home every 6 months. I also try to read the Clayton News Daily to keep me in touch with the local happenings. My heart and prayers are with you and Chad. Tod will be missed by so many who appreciated, respected and loved him. Remember, you and Chad have many good people close by who want to support you in any way you should need them. I'll try to be in touch when I'm home in early August. Mary Astin

* Indian Springs gallery hosts second annual Plein Air event

Mike, Thank You! this is a great story about the wonderful artist who joined in the Plein Air event in The Village at Indian Springs. We appreciate you and The Jackson Argus for all your support. Especially you coming out not once but twice on Saturday to get the full story and meeting the artist and guest. Good Job!

* Clayton Schools graduations fall on furlough day

I attended two of Clayton County's graduations at the Georgia Dome. Heatley and his entourage were there. Heatley was dressed in a "scarlett" red robe and thought he looked so important. He is a terrible speaker. He mumbles when he speaks. All of his bodyguards were there: Hendricks, the deputy supt, Adamson, and even the financial person for the school district. Adamson and Hendricks talked to each other throughout one of the graduations, something that I thought was very inappropriate behavior. They should have been focused on celebrating student achievement. Heatley entered the Dome as though he were the King. I was appalled and so were the parents sitting around me.

* Heatley calls for community support for schools

Perhaps you don't care for the manner the superintendent handles things, but at least mediocrity and incompetence are no longer synonymous with CCPS.

* Barnett, Betty Jo

Please know how much I loved your mama. She was a special lady and I'll never forget her.

* Picard, Joseph "Joe" F.

Joe Picard has been a member of my family as long as I can remember. Even tho' we live two states apart, he was always present at special and meaningful events, and other times because it was just a good time to come! He was a very caring person that we learned to respect early in life. He was always willing to share his knowledge when asked regardless of the subject. He loved my Mom and every other member of our family and we loved him. He was a dedicated professional in his career of Law Enforcement/Fire Safety. Even when my brothers and I were young, we thought he "hung the moon". Later in life, he became our buddy and I will miss calling him and discussing the problems of the world!!! Rest in Peace, Uncle Joe, We Love You and We will Miss you Terribly. May God Bless You.


Congratulations to all the Luella Baseball players who made the 2011 All-Southern Crescent Team.