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Clayton Schools' administrative team gets new players

Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

By Jeylin White

The "face" of Clayton County Public Schools' administrative team is changing, as several key posts get new leaders.

The personnel changes, which moved 15 people into new positions as principals, athletic directors, and heads of the transportation, special education, and SPLOST departments, were approved by the board of education on Monday. Superintendent Edmond Heatley made the recommendations during the board meeting.

Those promoted or hired included:

* Harold Walker, who was named the new director of transportation. He has an Associate's degree in Business Administration, and previously worked as the director of transportation for Atlanta Public Schools;

* Deidre Brown, who will be the new coordinator of transportation. She has a Bachelor's degree in Business and Transportation/Logistics, and was previously assistant director of Transportation & Parking Services at Emory University;

* Katrina West, who will be the new director of special education, has a Master's in Varying Exceptionalities with Educational Leadership Endorsement. She previously worked as the education coordinator for Atlanta Public Schools;

* Pamela Pitts, who will be the new principal at Morrow High School, has a Doctoral degree in Administration and Supervision. She previously was an assistant principal at Riverdale High School;

* Monique Drewry, who will be the new principal at Mt. Zion High School, has a Master's in Education with Educational Leadership endorsement. She was an assistant principal at North Clayton High School;

* John Holloway was named the new SPLOST administrator. He has a Bachelor's degree in Building Construction, and was a senior construction administrator for Architecture, Inc.

In addition, there was a total of nine employees named as athletic directors, said School System Spokesman Charles White. "The nine athletic directors were appointed for the first time this year to provide overall leadership and coordination of the assigned high school athletic program," White said.

The new athletic directors include:

* Charles Battle, at Mount Zion High School;

* Arthur Carter, at Lovejoy High School;

* Tommy Ector, at Riverdale High School;

* Michael House, at Jonesboro High School;

* Barry Kincaid, at Mundy's Mill High School;

* Henry Laws, at North Clayton High School;

* Jarrett Laws, at Charles Drew High School;

* Greg Kirkland, at Morrow High School;

* Larry Mortonson, at Forest Park High School.

White said Harold Walker, director of transportation, and Deidra Brown, coordinator of transportation, have been in "acting" status in those positions since June 7. John Holloway, SPLOST administrator, has been in his position since June 13; Katrina West, director of special education, Monique Drewry, principal of Mount Zion High, and Pamela Pitts, principal of Morrow High, will begin there positions July 1. All of the athletic directors will officially assume their positions July 18.