Say WHAT?! - Readers show grandmother little mercy

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Editor's Note: Say What?! is a new, occasional feature that consists of online comments readers have made in response to articles and features on our web sites -- www.news-daily.com, www.henryherald.com, and www.myjpa.com. These are raw, unedited comments. In bold type, are the headlines to which the comments are attached.

* Grandmother questions rules for academic award

REALLY!!!! Give me a break... it's bad enough that kids get trophies for just joining a sports team but now you want to apply that false sense of accomplishment to academics TOO! Grow up and help this child learn to navigate life's ups and downs!

* Grandmother questions rules for academic award

We should teach our children to use failure and disappointment as a springboard for greatness - not as an excuse to cease recognizing others' honest achievements. We should strive to succeed. We should not knock others for succeeding. Our children learn nothing from constant coddling, and there is ALWAYS room for improvement. Children should feel good when they do well, but that doesn't mean that we shouldn't allow them to feel that they could always do better.

* Grandmother questions rules for academic award

Get over it Granny. Children should be rewarded for SUPERIOR achievement, not average work. Perhaps this child will work even harder next school year.

* Substitute teacher accused of sex with student

Are there not any descent single men for young ladies to date? Instead teachers have to pursue children they teach or married fathers of their students. Is there an ethical course requirement they have to complete before employment. This is just terrible. These are the people employed to teach our children. Instead they prey upon them and ruin their future. No morals!!!

* Grandmother questions rules for academic award

Your article, in my opinion, is a perfect reflection of what is wrong with America in 2011. We have become a society of "lowest common denominators". Everyone must get a trophy, everyone must be honored.The 'dumbing-down' of America is destroying us. I do not, repeat, DO NOT want to hurt anyone or add to anyone's pain, but it is time that we address the facts.The story is about a child that attends a private school by choice. The school has rules and standards that were published and accepted by the legal guardians. Those rules and standards were not met, so the "reward" was not earned. Why is this an issue now ? Quite frankly, the question posed is offensive because it ignores the basic tenants of personal responsibility. I am extremely sorry that the child is sad/hurt, but I counter with the question, were the expectations/requirements of recognition at the ceremony explained at the beginning of the year ? Were they re-enforced during the year ? Stop the victim mentality.

* Grandmother questions rules for academic award

Well, Grandmother, we are teaching our kids to work hard and not expect a handout. I say "Great Going CCS!!!"

* Grandmother questions rules for academic award

I agree, private schools often have a different gradng policy that just makes it harder for students. A 90 is defined as a B!!!! Why do this??? Colleges don't do this and isn't this where we are preparing our children to go? I think this type of grading scale is discouraging to the average student (which is most kids) and only helps the above average kids.

* Grandmother questions rules for academic award

Get over it! Your granddaughter did not meet the expectations for CCS Honor Roll. This should make her want to work harder if she wants to be recognized. This is the problem with so many schools and organizations. They dumb-down learning and award children who make mediocre grades. Do you think your granddaughter is going to be given an award in the work place for doing a so-so job. Heck no - she would be fired and replaced by the "straight A" worker.

* Grandmother questions rules for academic award

The standards were set and she did not achieve them. It is the everybody gets a trophy syndrome. I admire the school's stance to just honor the higher achievers. This motivates all students to truly seek a higher education.

* Grandmother questions rules for academic award

We're saying to our students that not everyone is going to get the award in life. Sometimes we will come up short no matter how hard we tried. This everyone-is-a-winner expectation is unrealistic, and the kids will find out soon enough in the real world. No doubt grandmother wouldn't have a problem with the way the school honors the kids if her granddaughter had gotten an award.

* Grandmother questions rules for academic award

This is ridiculous! The student did not meet the criteria and does not get the recognition; we don't change the criteria so that she can be honored. I truly don't understand this attitude of entitlement! By then way, when I went to school, a student who made a B was not included in the honor roll,

* Stockbridge, McDonough sites of drug-sale arrests

What a ridiculous paragraph by V. Thanks HCPD for getting these criminals and drugs off the streets of my community. It's a never-ending battle, but we can't just sit back and let it happen. Any drug arrest, no matter how small, is never a waste of money. Drug dealers SHOULD be incarcerated for extremely long sentences. Not sad.

* Residents express concerns over 2012 BOE budget

Lots of information in this one article. Congratulations to the two new principals at Morrow High School and at Mt Zion. I wish we had names to go with these two positions. By the way, when is Dr Heatley going to inform the Clayton community of the mass principal and assistant principal changes? When we talk about transparency in education, it missed Clayton County. Are the members of the school board even aware of these changes? How can Dr Heatley and the board continue to claim they are "all about the children" when they continue to deceive the public about how the schools are functioning?

* New restaurant serves up hibachi, sushi, buffet

I didn't worry about the price and there was a good food selection, however, the food was cold and the service was horrible. Our waitress was incredibly rude and even slammed our drinks down onto our table after we ordered them. The Sushi chef seemed very professional and the greeters were kind, however those working the floor made us feel as if we were a burden and I hate that when dining out.

* Substitute teacher accused of sex with student

well as a student at charles drew high school i think it was wrong for her to have had sex with the student but i think its wrong that she went to jail for it the boy wanted to have sex with her and if he didnt want it then he should have told her no. you have a choice to do any thing you want its not like she forced him to do it and its his falt that he didnt wear a condom and got her pregnate

* Prompt action urged for Sunday alcohol-sales vote

I think we should get a vote on this.

* Substitute teacher accused of sex with student

This story is truly hard to believe. Ms.Frank was my coach of the Charles Drew Step team & she always talked about her family & how she had to be home for them. She has truly lost all respect in my eyes. I will just continue to pray for her & hope she makes a change for the better. Honestly i feel sorry for the twin babies. [shaking my head]. you would expect more from a woman we all are supposed to look up to,as a teacher & a coach.

* Victim of alleged sexual assaults taped incidents

I am ashamed to tell anyone that I am related to him. Lord have mercy on his soulk.

* Officials unveil combined transit wish list

I agree with Sonja lets not bring the transit system back to Clayton County.

* Residents express concerns over 2012 BOE budget

Clayton Co. do you miss Dan Caldwell yet?

* Study: No place for second Atlanta airport

I agree with LET54 on this one. Tear down the abysmal crime riddled apartments and lay down concrete and asphalt. Of course the reason they can't find a suitable site for future expansion is because they haven't spent millions of dollars in research and lined the right pockets to come up with the logical solution. Lets follow the money and see what they do in the future.

* Local man charged in fire

Good job CCFES Investigators!

* Residents learn cake-baking at library

Keep making the family proud! :)

* Ga. judge orders 1st execution with new drug combo

How much tax payer money was wasted on him being on death row for 30 years?

* Daughter, boyfriend face murder charges in mom's death

This is another senseless killing. Two young people are in jail perhaps for the rest of their lives, a beloved grandmother dead, family members in disbelief, and young children growing up without their parents. How sad..Please know that one day soon all violence will be done away with.

* Study: No place for second Atlanta airport

Start at the North end of Clayton County and take your pick. The future of the county is abysmal at best. As the need increases just "take out" some more neighborhoods. The tax base on an additional airport space would be a step in the right direction because the housing market in Clayton County in that area is an economical dreg on the county.

* Say WHAT?! - Heatley's still on readers' minds

I usd to give commen but you no let me comment no more.

* Clayton library planning James Brown celebration

Yes a great role model for kids. Are you going to tell them about his many years drug use and violence ? I think you will only tell a partial story of his life instead of the truth so to be politically correct !

* Summer enrichment available for Clayton youths

I think that's awesome! I'm a buisness owner in Clayton County. I'm working on something that both of these organizations. Maybe interested in.

* Former prosecutor in court on gun charge

....Another Question might be : .......What is the difference between a Law Abiding Citizen and one that breaks Our Laws ? ....How can a person forget having a gun on his person, when entering a restricted area ? ...It would seem to me that this act would fall under the arm of The Homeland Security.

* Officials unveil combined transit wish list

Sorry not a fan of the plan or of the ARC, Clayton is being turned into a travel lane for people passing through not a community.

* Following Thrashers helped me keep memory of friend alive

Friendship, true friendship and sports are two very important factors in a man's life. You were blessed to have them both as a combo for as long as you did. Have faith that your buddy is in a better place....maybe the Thrashers are too.

* Bridges joins Morrow City Council on historic night

What exactly was the Mayor and Council thinking, they appointed some one who in the general election, out of 612 votes cast lost by 454 votes. Evidently the majority of the people voting didn't think Ms Bridges was qualified for this position. It seems like this has become the norm with this sitting body THEY pretty much do what they feel is right and take no consideration of thoughts that residence of this city have. Mr. Duckworth who has been very involved with the city or someone who is or has been on the planning and zoning board would also been just as qualified as Ms. Bridges. I would suggest you find away to justify this appointment before the next city elections.

* Participants graduate from Leadership Clayton

Very nice article. This appears to be a worthwhile program.

* Locust Grove mayor to leave politics

She's my kind of gal!

* Locust Grove mayor to leave politics


* Locust Grove mayor to leave politics

All I can say is it is about time..

* County adopts 'difficult' 2012 budget

TO BARBARA: Mythoughts exactly. While BJ is busy "crying", I wonder how much she cut her own salary/benefits by.