When we ignore God, trouble will soon appear - Jim Bell

At one time in America, men honored God, believed in Him, lived by His teachings, studied His Word and did what was right and honorable.

At one time, the majority of our citizens were Christians; they tried their best to live in obedience to God, and they believed the Ten Commandments, incorporating them into their laws and the morals of this nation. It was honorable to be honest and trustworthy, a man's word was his bond, and when he spoke, people believed what he said and knew they could count on him to do what he was supposed to do.

Fathers were the head of the household, they were reliable to support their families, to teach their children to do the right thing, to tell the truth and be honest. There was discipline in the home, and when children strayed from the ways they were taught, they were spanked or given a whipping with a switch. Thus, they learned right from wrong, that when they did wrong, they would be punished, and when they did right, they would be praised and rewarded.

Employers could count on their employees to give an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. Citizens could listen to the promises of politicians and expect them to be truthful and honest, to carry out policies and make laws to benefit their constituents and to be honorable men and women with integrity.

I don't know exactly when the citizens of our country began to get away from their basic beliefs and morals, but I think I can safely say that somewhere after they had survived a very hard depression and sacrificed heavily through a terrible war, and as times began to get better, every one wanted the American dream and were willing to sacrifice almost anything to get more and more.

Wives went to work along with their husbands, in order to make more money to buy more things. Families suffered; there was little time to spend teaching the children, and too often they were left alone at home after school. Divorce rates soared and families were left with only one parent and little support.

Children were not disciplined properly, and were given too many freedoms. From this environment came adults who had little respect for the law or the good of others. Many had learned they should take care of number one -- themselves -- regardless of who was hurt in the process.

I realize not all of our population is included in these irresponsible groups of people, but just take a look at where we are today. In the news every day are crimes, from robbery, to murder, to abortion, to immorality, to dishonesty, to infidelity ...

There is little room for God and the Holy Bible.

This is not found in just the poor and uneducated populace, but in all levels of society. Every week, we hear of all sorts of sorry behavior in our schools, in business and in politics. From the lowest office to the highest-- governors, representatives, senators -- all who make all kinds of excuses. They say, "I didn't break the law, so my immoral behavior is all right." Then, we see many citizens interviewed, who say, "It's OK. They should not resign their office, it was a personal thing!"

With these kinds of morals, we can be sure Satan is having a grand time! This is exactly what is happening -- These sinful people, who are ignoring God, are listening to Satan, who is saying to them: "It's OK. You can do whatever you wish; you are above the law or any moral code, just do as you please."

No wonder our country is in such a mess. We must have the courage to live our Christianity every day and to encourage others to do the same! We must not condone such sorry behavior in Congress or in any elected office. We must speak out against it! We must be sure the candidates we vote for are at least of moral character, if not Christian, and continue to support them and communicate with them after they are elected.

In our schools, we must cooperate with our student's teachers and help our kids at home. Education is achieved, not just in the classroom, but in the home with parents working with their children. We should ask teachers to please let us know if our children are disrespectful. Then, they should be punished justly for their actions. The Bible says, "Spare the rod and spoil the child." Parents, please be sure to discipline your children properly and fairly, and then they will behave as they should.

The best places, in my opinion, to start to turn our country around for the good are the home and the classroom. Our churches want to help, and are providing competent teachers for your children in Sunday school. Please bring your family to a Bible-teaching church every Sunday. I pray your whole family will accept Christ as your Savior and submit to His teaching and way of life.

Belief in Jesus Christ can save America, and I believe our great country is worth saving! God bless America!