Facts distorted on adult entertainment

To the editor:

In reference to your article in the Tuesday, June 14th edition of the Clayton News Daily, Forest Park City Manager John Parker's statement that there are negative effects created by adult clubs is simply not true.

He is either lying, or just badly misinformed.

All studies have shown no negative effects of adult entertainment in Forest Park. His information is dated by as much as three decades, and is relevant only to the other cities studied -- not Forest Park.

Furthermore, I have attended every city council meeting in Forest Park for ten years, and there has NEVER been any outcry against our business.

In fact, there have been numerous supporters, who are residents of Forest Park, present to speak on our behalf, over the last 16 years.

We take great civic pride in our efforts to participate in all levels of charitable assistance, not undesirable conduct.


General Manager

Crazy Horse Saloon