Police search for peeping Tom victims

The Hampton Police Department is calling upon women in the Cobblestone Court area of Hampton to contact them, if they suspect someone has been lurking outside their homes at night.

Tuesday, police arrested James Kelley II, of Hampton, and charged him with being a peeping Tom and unlawful surveillance, among other charges.

Police accuse Kelley of watching, and videotaping women, through blinds, and windows at the their homes. He was running from his neighbor's house, dressed in black, and wearing a mask, police said, when they arrested him.

"We have a video recorder which has six, to seven, possibly more females inside their homes," said Capt. Derrick Austin, of the Hampton Police Department. "We have the video of the victims, but we don't know who they are, we need to identify them."

Anyone who may have information about the case, or thinks she may have been recorded, should contact the Hampton Police Department at (770) 946-4513.

Two Hampton officers, William Paszkiewicz, and an officer Hayes, apprehended Kelley, according to a police report.

"Officer Hayes was shining his flashlight toward the rear of the residence when a man wearing all black, and a ski mask, ran toward my direction," said officer Paszkiewicz in his police report. "I advised the subject to show me his hands. The subject took off his ski mask and put it on the ground." He said he then questioned Kelley about being behind his neighbor's house.

Paszkiewicz said Kelley told him he heard a gunshot,"...so he came behind the residence to investigate and he saw a male exit a vacant residence window. He said he was going to catch him, but he ran off. He said when he saw the flashlight he thought it was the person.

"I asked if he was going to catch him why was he running away?" continued the police report. "Mr. Kelley could not answer that question."

Police asked Kelley why was he wearing all black and a ski mask?

"Mr. Kelley again did not have an answer," reported Paszkiewicz.

An eyewitness called the homeowner after she saw a man dressed in dark clothing as she was approaching the back door of the house where he was nabbed police.

Police said they confiscated a JVC video recorder which was located in the backyard of the home. The recorder had several videos on it of different females at different locations. The most recent video appeared to have been taken at approximately 11:30 p.m., on Monday.

"The video appeared to be taken from outside a residence and was being recorded from outside a window through an open blind," according to the report.

Police questioned Kelley about the recorder. Kelley told police the video recorder was not his. He said he did pick it up after he heard the gunshot thinking it was a gun, but then he threw it on the ground, said Paszkiewicz in the report. Kelley told the police to question his wife about the gunshot. According to him she heard the shot.

The witness told police Kelley was outside in the garage wearing dark clothes, and that sometimes he would go for walks taking his camera with him. Officers also found a JVC charger for the JVC video recorder in Kelley's pocket, police said.

Kelley appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court before Judge Robert Godwin Tuesday. Godwin set a $5,000 bond for Kelley.

Kelley remained in the Henry County Jail at press time Tuesday.