Women respond as suspected Peeping Tom victims



By Elaine Rackley


Hampton Police said four women have come forward, as of Thursday, to report their suspicions that they may have been recorded by a man police arrested as a Peeping Tom.

"They do not know if they have been recorded, or not, but they wanted to make sure they are not victims, and that they have not been videotaped," said Capt. Derrick Austin, of the Hampton Police Department.

On Tuesday, Officers Willliam Pasziewicz and E. Hayes, arrested James Kelley, II, of Hampton, and charged him with being a Peeping Tom, and unlawful surveillance.

Police accused Kelley of watching, and videotaping, women through open blinds, and windows at their homes. He was caught behind a neighbor's house, wearing all black, and a ski mask. A video recorder was also located near the home where Kelley was arrested. Officers also found a charger for the video recorder in Kelley's pocket, police said.

Police said the recorder belongs to Kelley. It had several videos on it of different females at different locations. The most recent video appeared to have been taken at approximately 11:30 p.m., on Monday, according to police.

The women, who have come forth, live on either, Cobblestone Court, or Millstone Drive, in Hampton, said Capt. Austin.

"We have been receiving calls of prowlers and Peeping Toms from that area since 2009," added the captain. Police said there also are women on the confiscated tape, who were recorded in what appears to be a park.

"Kelley was recording and zooming in on their breasts and legs," said Austin.

Police were unable to identify the location of the park from the recorder. They are working to remove the tape from the recorder, onto a hard drive, "in order to better view the tape," Austin said.

Anyone who may have information about the case, or thinks she may have been recorded, should contact the Hampton Police Department, at (770) 946-4513.

Police said Kelley told police he heard a gunshot, and was behind the residence to investigate. He told police he saw a male exit a vacant residence window, and he was going to catch the man, but the man ran off.

An arresting officer asked Kelley how he was going to catch the man, since he was running away himself. "Mr. Kelley could not answer that question," the officer said, in his police report. Police said Kelley also denied ownership of the video camera.

An eyewitness called the homeowner after she saw a man dressed in dark clothing, as she was approaching the back door of the house where Kelley was nabbed by police.

Another witness said Kelley was seen outside wearing dark clothes, and that, sometimes, he would go for walks taking his video recorder with him.

Kelley was in the Henry County Jail Thursday, under a $5,000 bond.