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Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Editor's Note: Say What?! is a new, occasional feature that consists of online comments readers have made in response to articles and features on our web sites -- www.news-daily.com, www.henryherald.com, and www.myjpa.com. These are raw, unedited comments. In bold type, are the headlines to which the comments are attached.

* City ordinance bans nudity, alcohol in clubs

I think what the city and county is doing is illegal. I've never been political before, but these clubs were given a license to open and should be allowed to operate within the laws that bound them at that time. The time for legal concerns to be raised was at the time the license was applied for. The clubs are well lit and illegal activity of any sort is not tolerated by the clubs. I feel safer in these clubs than I do most other locations within Forest Park. I find it amazing that it is legal for a woman to go topless anywhere a man can in Washington, DC, but a woman can't even breast feed her child in Forest Park without harassment.

* Clayton Schools' administrative team gets new players

I'm glad to finally see the names of the individuals appointed by the board last week. Congratulations to all! I would like to see a list, by school, who the administrators are going to be starting on July 1st as well. All I've heard is that there was a huge movement of administrators but the list is not for publication to the county. Can we find out well before school starts? Only a thought.

* Clayton Schools' administrative team gets new players

The faces may change but the culture and types of people will not. Lets face it the type of people living in Clayton County are getting what they deserve and that is their own types running the show. It happened in Atlanta Public system also !

* Hampton residents don't want gas station near homes

we need more devolapments

* Jonesboro leaders vow fight for crepe myrtles

What were the conditions of the railroad when these plants were planted many years ago? Is someone trying to keep a job by causing work? No matter what you do there will be some "idiots" will still not follow the safety precautions already in place.

* Newspaper office closing for holiday

You ought to stay closed!

* Clayton Schools' administrative team gets new players

Why does the school system need a SPLOST Coordinator? The days of Clayton County getting a SPLOST passed are gone. Clayton County has wasted the SPLOST monies all the way around.

* Pedestrian hit, killed crossing Tara

I would like to know the identification of this person too..I know of a homeless man that crosses Tara Blvd pretty much every day, so I want to know if it was him or someone else. Please update any news on this situation if possible.

* Two men indicted in April murder

Yea, it may be god who makes the final judgment, but I'd love to be the one to arrange the meeting. So y did ur boy KJ try to run to Miami instead of calling the police if he was so innocent? I hope the boys in the pen take care of him everyday.

* Clayton Schools' administrative team gets new players

So CCPS is now officially the dumping ground for APS has-beens. Sad... Hopefully we'll have a new superintendent soon so all these APS folks can be sent packing - including the ones contaminating HR. And what do we need athletic directors for when we supposedly can't afford to safely transport our kids to school, pay for new textbooks, or pay for enough teachers to keep class size down. These appointments are yet another slap in the face of CCPS employees who have been here through thick and thin. It's getting tougher and tougher to "hang in there".

* Grandmother questions rules for academic award

I went to CCS. I worked hard to get good grades- A's and B'a. Not making honor roll made me do better! Unfortunately, I had to go to public school for high school. I got all A's because I was ahead!!! Public school was so easy because it was so dumbed down! Congrats to a school that want to challenge children. Grandma should encourage child, teach life isn't "fair" and try harder. Also, why is this newsworthy??? Why did Grandma call the paper? Why not write articles to get bad schools better?

* Putting a face on county budget cuts

Please save programs like this that build and empower the community. People need a place to turn to in times of trouble. I have witnessed families brought back together because of LMS.

* Clayton, Henry residents part of drug cartel, say feds

We have got to stop being 'pansies' when it comes to drugs (dealers and users) All names mentioned were hispanic...that tells me the immigration laws need to be stepped up and enforced. Do u politicians think u can 'step up to the plate?'

* Substitute teacher accused of sex with student

It does not matter if both agreed and what teenage boy does not want to have sex with anything in a skirt, the teacher is the adult and suppose to be the professional in this situation and should never cross that line

* Putting a face on county budget cuts

This was a religion based program run by unqualified people making decisions that ruined far more lives than those the "saved". No one in the group had the educational qualifications to make the decisions they handed down on a weekly basis to families in need. Anyone can go to church and "get religion". We see it in our Courts everyday when someone faces jail. REAL professional counselors can help people find the cause of problems instead of a quick fix. Thank you a thousand times to whomever voted to end this farce counseling center.

* Four Clayton educators among state's best

I have known MRS. Tatum for many years and I am so proud to call her my friend and an excellent educator. She was an excellent teacher when she lived here and Detroit and I know that the state of Georgia is proud to have her. Congratulations!

* Inmates taught parenting skills from jail

we need more programs. there are young females who really need help, or we are gonna watch them grow up in jail. It really hurts my heart, cause there role models are the repeat offenders. This has really been on my mind for weeks after spending hrs at hospital with a young women who was sig 53. Lost sleep wondering how we can reach at least a few. Should be grants out there.I feel if we can reach a few, we have served them and protected the public. To me, it is worth it. A young woman lost forever to drugs, sex and crime is a travesty. I see focus going other ways, perhaps safer, and easier, and dangerous to public and most importanly, safety, for the ones who spend 24hrs a day with these people. Thanks for the oppurtunity to share my views.

* Riverdale plans busy summer at new arts center

If Riverdale can put on free concerts I would like the council member in my ward to come out and look at our trash in the streets ,tree limbs not being picked up. With free concerts and the town center ,the citizens don't count.

* Riverdale moves forward in replacing Wilson Park

This was not talked about in the council meeting.Where did you get this information? Yes there was talk about the houses being torn down on wilson road. This is an Election year. The citizens have heard this for years that we are getting the park,Alot of the citizens don't believe it. Everthing we hear now is the town center,free concerts. I emailed My councilmember ,Wanda Wallace to come look at our trash in the street . She will not come out. It's all about the Town center at the meetings, not the citizens. Please keep coming to the meetings and reporting the news. Thanks for coming!

* Police search for peeping Tom victims

This is an outrage! Strange, I live right across the street and I didn't hear that gunshot. Not to mention none of the other neighbors that I spoke with heard it either. I just glad that he's behind bars. Who knows how many other times he's been at my back door peering through and actually saw something. I've spoken with the police and the courts, even the association to find out what my options are are far as getting him out of the neighborhood. I didn't get any answers. If there is something that I can do to get him out of our neighborhood please let me know.

* Morrow's 2012 budget includes tax increase

What good does it do for the citizens to speak, when our votes obviously don't count. After a huge landslide victory in the election, Lampl was kicked out of office by the city council. So I doubt they are going to listen to the residents on property taxes.

* Morrow's 2012 budget includes tax increase

It looks like Morrow is making efforts to save money but what about the function that occured on Reynolds Road put on my the city with fireworks. If we are cutting cost then why was this event put on at all. I am sure city residents like me would rather keep that money in the budget. It was a waste and not a part of core services it was fluff and I think Morrow has seen enough of that. On a different note what about attempting to recover money from elected officials in Morrow that made huge profits off of property sales like the building used to house the convention center. I understand the Mayor made a nice six figure profit as the agent for the property that was sold to the city. Does this not scream conflict of interest and that money should go back to the city to pay the ballon payment on Olde Town Morrow. The mayor may be old but he is not stupid and he took the city for a six digit ride on his agent fees for that transaction. John Lample learned from the best didn't he!

* Stockbridge, McDonough sites of drug-sale arrests

That has to be the dumbest statement I've ever read. Since when is getting drug dealers off the street a waste of money. The only thing being wasted around here is the air you take up and the space.

* Clayton library planning James Brown celebration

Om my !! Who's idea is that ? Cant they find a person with better character than him. He was arrested so many times for all kinds of crimes. This must be the idea of someone who works for the government. No wonder Clayton County has so many problems.

* Riverdale moves forward in replacing Wilson Park

Where are the plans for tennis courts?

* State BOE grants Unidos' charter renewal

All this sounds like a bunch of double talk that is nothing more than educating illegal's kids with our tax money. They should learn english, show a birth certificate and attend a regular school if they are legal. We have no need for dual language school as this counrty spreaks english. Im tired of paying taxes for all these specail schools.

* Local shelter still needs donations, part-time help

Lower the cost of adoptions and you probably can adopt out more animals.

* Residents express concerns over 2012 BOE budget

I agree! There is definately a conflict of interest with CCPS purchasing Diana Carey's Writing Destination program. I am in disbelief that they continue to get away with this stuff.

* Juneteenth celebration to be revived in Clayton

Would the senator please explain how this celebration is going to improve my property value?

* Assault attempt, alleged suicide lead to investigation

Bill, you don't NEED to know. You just WANT to know.

* Clayton Schools' administrative team gets new players

I don't know any of the individuals who are being transitioned into their new positions; however, as a concerned parent, I am not happy with how the Supt and board went about making personnel changes. At the end of the day, it is our children who suffer. I was once very proud to live in Clayton County; however, I've lost my trust and confidence in those individuals who not only are playing Russian Roulette with the lives of our children but who are making a mess of the county I once loved. As soon as I can remove myself from the mess, I most certainly will.

* Residents express concerns over 2012 BOE budget

To justsaying, try having a total of 25 days cut plus the new 5 days for the 2010-11 school year and a paycut to boot. Wish I could find another job. To young to retire and not enough time with the county--aargh!!!

* Residents express concerns over 2012 BOE budget

To Ed of Morrow--yes! I miss Dan Colwell! We never had these problems when he was Superintendent! Clayton County was a County that everybody wanted to move to--not now!

* Man accused of having sex with a minor

i hate wen peolpe dnt no wat dey tlkn about!!!

* Victim of alleged sexual assaults taped incidents

The coward is in jail.

* Two juveniles arrested in third teen's death

its not an accident when you point a gun at another persons head and pull the trigger. whether the gun was loaded or not you dont do that. i find it hard to believe the other 2 surviving boys didn't know and especially the boy who pulled the trigger. and the question, where were the parents???if the boys were runaways, did any of the parents bother to file a missing persons report on their kids or look for them. and breaking and entering??? sounds like they've done this before and the boy who pulled the trigger is a little THUG. i hope both of the boys spend time in jail, they deserve time. stupidity is not an excuse for taking someones life. you DONT point a gun at no one. my heart and prayers go out to brian comer's family. i hope justice is served.

* Substitute teacher accused of sex with student

Clearly, she wasn't your english teacher. You seemingly, had a hard time maneuvering your way through that paragraph. Anyway, Ms. Frank made a mistake. I think we all have a false sense of responsibility at times. It's just in this particular case, it's frowned upon much more because of the circumstances. May God be with her.

* Two juveniles arrested in third teen's death

This needs to be thourghly investigated... does not add up to ACCIDENT! One parent indictaed that her child had a gun pointed at him/her by one of the teens involved. This by itself indicates INVESTIGATE INVESTIGATE! So sad that Brian's family (ALL) will never get to see him again. Esp. family he knew nothing about and was waiting for him and the others to meet one day! RIP Brian! You was loved very much by the Comer's, friends as well as your MOTHER and family! <3

* Residents express concerns over 2012 BOE budget

Yes paraprofessionals were furloughed 12 days and we are already making poverty level pay. Some of us work harder than the classroom teacher we work with and yet because they have a so called college degree they make 3 times as much money as we do. But continue to take us out of the schools and see where they will be then. Who will do all the dirty work and still smile each day for the salary we get?

* Jonesboro leaders grant license for 'Exotic Pleasures'

City leaders are fighting "Exotic Pleasures" when there is a Starship Enterprises on Tara, next door to what used to be "Family Thrift Store"? Please tell these people it's 2011 and the prudish attitudes need to be left in the Dark Ages. All of the "negative" publicity will ensure that Exotic Pleasures has a steady stream of business. Where can I apply for a job?

* State CRCT results show student improvement

Just compare 12th-grade exit competencies in Georgia and Massachusetts, or what a Harvard freshman is expected to know already vs. any Georgia college freshman. That ought to give you a clue. Our high-school grads are trying to make up 6th-grade work in college.