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Nichols tries to add to all-time Thursday Thunder record

By Doug Gorman

Skip Nichols is a busy man when it comes to racing at Atlanta Motor Speedway's Thursday Thunder summer series.

Nichols competes in both the Masters and Roadsters Division and has done very well in both divisions.

He is also the most successful Thursday Thunder driver with 33 wins.

Nichols leads the Roadsters Division and is in second place in the Masters Division. Thursday Thunder fans won't have to wait long before watching Nichols attempt to add to the total.

The Roadsters is the first feature on the docket when the green flag drops tonight.

Oh so close: Just three points separates William Plemons (297) and Luke Behnke (294) in the Semi-Pro Division heading into the fourth week of the season. Plemons has taken two checkered flags and Behnke one. It's really become a two-way points chase. Casey Willingham is in third place with 273 points.

Catching on: The Buzz Car races might be the newest Division at Thursday Thunder, but its catching on with both drivers and spectators. Nine drivers have raced in the division so far this year. Michael Karp is leading the division after three races.

Running order: Roadsters, Outlaws, Buzz Cars., Pro, Masters. Bandits, Semi-Pro and Young Lions.