Jonesboro leaders steering a sinking ship

Jonesboro leaders steering a sinking ship

To the editor:

Is Jonesboro business friendly? After a new business owner had to directly threaten the city with a law suit -- Yes -- then, we're business friendly.

But will it end here? He was approved for his business license, but will there be anymore hurdles thrown at him when it comes to sign ordinances, or any other dealings with our local officials? After the city attorney was contacted on this issue and the city spent money to get advice on what was an easy decision of an apparently lawful business, and at the threat of a lawsuit, only then was he granted the right to stock his already rented site, to open for business.

We have two long-time local businesses closing their doors and going out of business in the City of Jonesboro right now. Why? Has any of the city's officials approached these businesses to ask them why they are closing? One is smack-dab in the middle of our new streetscape project. The project which was supposed to attract new businesses and help support old businesses. Why are they closing? Were they asked? Probably not. Jonesboro officials have also received an e-mail from three brothers to open a package store within our city limits. I'm wondering what kind of hoops they're going to have to jump through to get a city business license.

Here is the sad truth to what kind of businesses we are going to be subjected to, due to the declining economic vitality of our county and inner cities. As Clayton County continues to rise in foreclosures and loss of jobs, we're stuck with whatever we can get, as far as business goes.

We're not going to attract new desirable businesses, such as grocery stores, new clothing retail outlets, nor any upscale restaurants. We're not going to attract any business we'd desire to have within our city. The fact is, the only type of businesses which will target Clayton County or Jonesboro will be used car lots, pawn shops, car title stores, package stores, bars and exotic-type outlet shops, etc. These are the types of businesses which thrive in a depressed area. It's just a fact.

Over-taxing the last survivors of a sinking ship is not the answer, but it seems to be the only vision our local officials have for the future of this sinking ship. So citizens, prepare yourselves for businesses which have proven to decline property values and detour any prospective new-desirable home owners to buy within our county or cities.

The only way to stop this intrusion on us, the "taxpayers," is to clean house at election time, and put some new blood into office, that has a vision for the future. We're closing in on the end of our city as we know it, unless we change the guards. We need to wipe the slate clean and start over!