Dreams are attainable

Hollywood has been in and out of Georgia, filming numerous movies and TV shows.

Movies such as "Hall Pass," "Due Date," and "Big Mommas: Like Father Like Son," have filmed in the state in the recent past.

Though the Peach State has attracted popular film producers, an aspiring, local producer has recently started to make his own silver-screen dream a reality.

Michael Oke, president of Triumph Entertainment Production, said his Riverdale production company has been operating for a year, and he is excited about his first film, "Foreign Love," which recently wrapped. The movie will be shown at a private screening in Jonesboro, on Saturday.

"I am very excited," said Oke, a Nigerian American. "It is an American dream."

He said he produced the movie, wrote the script and co-directed the film.

"I never had any prior experience," said Oke, in a thick Nigerian accent. "Just determination, I started the project, and finished."

He said the movie's plot revolves around a 21-year-old college student named Jason, who falls in love with Funmi, 24, a classmate in his business statistics class.

Jason is a senior in college and was going to be first in his class, until Funmi –– an equally bright student from Nigeria –– came along, said the producer.

Though Jason, a caucasian, was intimidated Funmi's intellect, he eventually falls in love with her, while they are working on a class project together.

"Because of their cultural differences, they had a challenge in their relationship," said Oke.

Jason was played Dustin Chavis, and Mary Ekhatoro took on the role of Funmi, he said. Five students at Clayton State University had roles in the movie, including as Jason's friends, Funmi's roommate, a professor, and Jason's ex-girlfriend, Oke added.

Oke said the trailer for the movie can be viewed visiting Triumph Entertainment Production's web site, at www.triumphproduction.com.

Dustin Chavis, of Dothan, Ala., said he enjoyed working with Oke, and enjoyed his Atlanta experience. He said he was the only cast member who wasn't local.

"It was definitely a great experience, and I had a blast," said Chavis. "We had the best cast ever. It was a dream come true for me."

He said he is part of an online talent community called Explore Talent, and saw an advertisement about the film on its web site, www.exploretalent.com. The production company was looking for actors, he said, so he submitted his headshot to Oke.

"It was something I was interested in," said Chavis. "Once I read the [script], I fell in love with it."

He said filming began toward the end of October 2010, and lasted about three months. "We finished the weekend before Christmas," he said.

Chavis said he enjoyed his metro-Atlanta experience. The film was shot in Riverdale, Fayetteville and at Oglethorpe University, in Atlanta. He said he lodged at a hotel in Morrow, during his stay.

Oke, who resides in Fayetteville, said he is currently working on two other film projects; one is entitled, "Unfailing Love," which, he said, will be in production soon. It will film in Clayton County and Atlanta. He is currently in search of actors, who will be paid for their work, he said.

Talent interested in acting in the movie should e-mail him at triumphproduction@yahoo.com, he said.

The second film project is currently in the writing stage, he added.

"Romantic films," he said. "Those are the movies I enjoy the most."