'How can you not know that one of the children is missing ...' - Say WHAT?!

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Editor's Note: Say What?! is a new, occasional feature that consists of online comments readers have made in response to articles and features on our web sites -- www.news-daily.com, www.henryherald.com, and www.myjpa.com. These are raw, unedited comments. In bold type, are the headlines to which the comments are attached.

* Baker to pastor McDonough First United Methodist

Welcome Darris and Dotti!

* Library funding cuts lead to operating changes

Actually, only the McDonough library will be open on Sundays beginning in August. None of the other Henry County libraries will be open on Sundays at all.

* Day care owner, two others charged in child's death

This is a very sad case. How can you not know that one of the children is missing as you are putting the children down for a nap, and still not know until the children have awaken that a child is not there. This really could have been avoided and this daycare center should pay for what happen to this child and her family. I have children and I cant imagine what this family is going through. You send your child to these daycares and all you can do is hope and pray that your child is being treated right. My condolences to the family!

* Company to close Southlake Mall store

The closing of the JC Penney store at Southlake Mall is just a sign of the times for Clayton County: property values are down, the school system is an absolute mess and is run by incompentent and ineffective leadership, foreclosed homes are at a record high, strip malls have more stores closed than opened, and Southlake Mall has become a very dangerous place to shop even in broad daylight.

* County department heads protest employee furloughs

This time I agree with Chairman Bell's proposal. Pain is pain and it should be shared. There will be more pain in the next proposed budget too. I don't expect it to be less.

* Police say alleged assailant's death followed argument


* County department heads protest employee furloughs

Well written article by Yeomans. My experience with Clayton County employees for almost 40 years is that they are courteous, knowledgeable and effective. They are not at all like the caricature so often painted of government employees. Therefore, the Commission should do whatever is necessary to avoid furloughs. (By the way,I have no dog in this fight.) As a senior, while I could certainly used reduced property taxes, I'd rather stay at the 2011 level and pay our employees. I'd also like to know how much is spent on non-essentials. Is the International Park (the Beach) a money maker or loser? If it loses money close the money losing part and only spend the minimum for maintenance; and the same for all parks. Why are senior centers needed? Churches can take care of those needs. The Library system needs a "starvation" diet. In times such as these, unless the County can come up with a money press, every budget area will have to be squeezed til old Abe hollows let go of my beard.

* Former beating victim arrested in fray

Ms Hill came in our neighborhood. This young lady was in her home. The young lady was only defending herself in her home.My neighbor should not been arrested.Ms Hill, keep the drama in your neighborhood stay out of Hampton.

* County department heads protest employee furloughs

Sure times are hard but if the money isn't there please don't spend it. Raises, furloughs, well, be glad you have a job. As the Clayton County department heads PLEAD to not approve 14 furlough days I PLEAD for common sense money management for our county. Don't spend what you don't have.

* County department heads protest employee furloughs

We work our tails off and go to work everyday, we put our lives at risk everyday. Now many of us are having to file for bankruptcy and get our houses foreclosed on. The county ought to be trying to think of how to come up with funds the very least to help us recover our losses and give us a cost of living adjustment to our pay. Why would not all the younger employees who have been trained by the County go to other departments where the grass is greener. They can see the writing on the wall appx six years without a payraise, more furlough days, insurance increase it gets worse everyyear. The County needs to find the money and the government should step up also.

* Day care owner, two others charged in child's death

I don't understand why the 16 year old was charged. She is a minor, I would assume that an adult would ultimitely be responsible for these children.

* Residents getting 'flocked' for breast-cancer research

We need to know how to effectively protect our selves from sickness and cancer. I have lost 2 close family members. We have to wake up and see that brain cancer could be caused by ...(read this article) http://hubpages.com/hub/Can-Radiation-From-Your-Cell-Phone-Be-The-Cause-Of-Your-Illness

* Blackwell, Nathan D.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

* State CRCT results show student improvement

Thank God I did not attand school in Clayton County.

* Juneteenth celebration to be revived in Clayton

I thought my tax money was suppose to be for the good of the entire community: Why are we paying to celebrate a nationality??

* Inmates taught parenting skills from jail

Where do you think these "grants" are comming from? It is the taxpayer's money and I'm sick and tired of supporting everyone else.

* Officials break ground on new juvenile center

I agree with your statement about detention but do we need a new Center at this time? Everyone is having to struggle and I beleive the funds could be used on other needs. I guess the attitude is keep spending--the tax payers will pick up the tab.

* Police charge three suspected gang members

Not just Tara Blvd--drive down any street and you see what Clayton County has to offer, big fat ZERO.

* Clayton State alum provides dental care abroad

Why not stay in your own country and help the poor--I do not mean the people who think they "deserve assistance".

* Henry Players taking audiences to Narnia

Hooray for the Henry Players for bringing us season after season of wonderful shows, entirely done by volunteers! If you haven't been to one, you've missed out.

* Local farmers market moves to new spot

Not everyone reads the Clayton News. You need to advertise: There is alot of traffic during the day on N. Main and McDonough: why not a street sign?

* County department heads protest employee furloughs

Bell needs to go back to Atlanta--he is two faced and doesn't have a clue about reality.

* County department heads protest employee furloughs

I can not beleive you think Sr. Citizen Centers are not needed!! Have you ever visited one to see what they offer?? The Church is for religion not taking care of citizens. Save money by cutting back on welfare being given to the lazy people who will not help themselves.

* Riverdale's CRUSH unit works to keep city safe

I am glad to know something good is going on in Riverdale. . Yes our Police officers are the best thing that our city has right now.

* Henry Rodeo ensures Independence Day fireworks

In reporting you forgot one important fact.. Where is this place (address)

* New police precinct opens in Fairview

I like the picture, BJ and all the white shirts who do nothing for the crime rate and are first to get their picture made when something good happens.

* Jonesboro leaders steering a sinking ship

Unfortunately Mr. Templeman, the employees of the City are required to follow City Ordinances - equally and across the board for all businesses that come into the City. If you want the facts regarding this matter you should go to Jonesboro City Hall. The Council are the only ones who can change ordinances, not employees.

* Henry's water quality report reveals passing grades

Too bad they didn't open our faucets and get overwhelmed by the chlorine. Several years ago I asked the water department about it and they explained that it is normal. I guess I don't understand good water quality.

* Former beating victim arrested in fray