Ralph participated in White House briefing

Wole Ralph

Wole Ralph

By Curt Yeomans


Move over Mr. Smith, because "Mr. Ralph" has recently gone to Washington as well -- and he got a chance to bend the ear of the president of the United States.

Clayton County Board of Commissioners Vice Chairman Wole Ralph participated in a policy briefing session, at the White House, on June 17, as part of a group from the Young Elected Officials organization.

In a written statement, Ralph explained that he and other Young Elected Officials representatives met with President Barack Obama and senior White House officials during a briefing session.

"I am truly honored to have been chosen to attend the White House briefing," said Ralph, in the written statement. "This meeting with the President and senior White House officials gave me an opportunity to advocate for those issues important to the people of Clayton County on a federal level. Also, I must say, that on a purely personal level, it was very exciting to meet and talk with the President of the United States."

While Ralph was at the White House, he "advocated" to federal officials the need to deepen the Savannah Harbor, and the need to protect the Community Development Block Grant program from budget cuts, according to a news release from the county.

"Ralph advocated to deepen the Savannah Harbor, thereby, increasing cargo and creating jobs in Clayton County and Savannah," the county news release states.

"He also advocated saving the Community Development Block Grant from severe cuts expected in the next federal budget."

Ralph could not be reached for further comment on Friday.