Baby taken from among alleged drug users

Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

By Elaine Rackley


An infant was taken from its mother at a Hampton home Thursday. Police removed the child, after allegedly finding cocaine residue, according to police. Two occupants of the residence, including the mother, were arrested.

Hampton police charged Kristinna Rose Klaw, 31, and Hillary Hammond, 29, with possession of cocaine. Police identified Hammond as the infant's mother.

Klaw appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court Friday, before Judge Robert Godwin, who set her bond at $7,500 and bound her case over to Superior Court.

Hammond did not appear in court. She had to answer to other, unrelated charges in Henry County State Court, according to jail records. Judge Godwin reset her case to March 25.

A Hampton police officer, along with a Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) officer, arrived at 15-C George St., at 3:20 p.m., Thursday, to investigate suspected illegal drug use.

"We responded as a request of DFCS, to assist them in following up on a call of a child living at a residence where illegal drugs were being used, " said Hampton Police Capt. Derrick Austin.

While standing outside, knocking on the door, an officer involved in the arrest said he smelled a strong odor of "suspected burning marijuana," coming from an open front window to the home, Hampton Police Officer Bruce Mims wrote in his report of the incident.

The infant's mother, Hammond, answered the door, the police officer wrote, but became nervous when an accompanying representative of DFCS told Hammond that, because of allegations of drug use in the home, she would be subjected to taking a drug-screening test, or a urine test.

She told the officers there was no one else in the home. "I observed Hammond become very frustrated and act very nervous," wrote Mims, after hearing of the illegal drug allegations and the urine test. Hammond tried to go inside the house, but was stopped, as the officer got in between her and the door.

"She screamed, 'I'm not a criminal' and tried to go past the officer to get [back] in the house," the report said. The officer arrested Hammond for disorderly conduct and placed her in the back of the patrol car.

A second female, Klaw, came outside and asked what was going on, wrote Mims in his report. Mims, then, questioned Klaw, and a man also at the scene.

The DFCS officer took custody of the infant, and removed the child from the home, according to the police report. Mims called narcotics agents with the Flint Circuit Drug Task Force, and when they arrived, Klaw gave police consent to search the home, according to police.

"Upon searching the home, they found a green clear plastic bag, and two clear plastic bags," said Mims. "All of the bags contained a residue of a white powdery substance suspected of being cocaine."

In addition, police found a purple box which had two syringes inside, which was in close proximity of the clear bags.

"The drugs were located all together," said Capt. Austin. The bags will be tested for cocaine, by the Georgia Bureau of Investigations, he added.

"It's really not that common in Hampton, that we make an arrest where kids are in close proximity to the illegal drugs," he said.