Old Towne Morrow takes the cake

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

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* Police: Ralph had 'overwhelming odor of alcohol'


It was a set up! All lies!

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

Everyone seems to be down on Lampl..my questions are these: Did the Mayor and City Council not vote on this project. I don't think Lampl did this complete project all on his own. We visited the resturants at Old Towne several times and other than the parking, we enjoyed it. I hope the Mayor and Council look at themselves before passing judgment on Mr. Lampl.

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

How would anyone think a development like Olde Towne Morrow could survive in such a crime ridden area. No one in their right mind would go there.

* Victim ID'd in fatal accident

I've known her all of my life and she was an outstanding citizen and volunteer in her community, Juliette, GA. She also served as Secretary at the Springhill Baptist Church. She has three surviving children. We will miss her.

* Gas prices spike at pump

I used to live in Forest Park, but I now live in Alaska. The gas prices here have been ridiculous, but I always had hope as long as the south had good prices. I can't believe that you folks are paying only 34 cents less than Anchorage-ites.

* Ga. 42 project adding passing lanes

I have to agree with Pat and Richard; this is a waste of money; just seems to be (looking) busy work.

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

hey why didnt you put the money on the police dept.we already have a bunch of broken down houses

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

This is just the tip of tax payer money that is wasted in Morrow. They City of Morrow has wasted funds on a path system for golf carts that no one has except the Mayor of the city. It is Clayton County get real it will never be a golf cart community. The city has invested numerous funds in purchasing property and pouring the path system. The community does not want it and it serves no purpose. The parking garage is another example of what were you thinking. A parking garage on Northlake Drive that is never used that cost a lot of money to build. Then we have the conference center at Southlake Mall. A mall full of hat and sneaker stores that is going to hit rock bottom. A staff of employees are paid to clean it, run it, and the cost of operations itself and for what? How much does this cost and how much revenue has it returned to the city? The tourist center is another waste of money. The facilities itself cost money and no one uses it.

* Local educator earns U.S. Citizenship

I understand tax payers concerns over this issue. Teachers need to be evaluated on their ability to teach period. Ms. Williams can teach. She wants to be a part of our community as she lives and works in Henry county. My son is in her class and she has challenged him every day to be better. You don't find that with every teacher. She also sets an example of what a woman can be if she works hard for our kids. Her working in the county before being a legal citizen is the least of our worries. I see it as an investment that has paid huge dividends and give kudos to the BOE.

* Stockbridge citizen-activist works to make impact

Mr. Steinberg, I think you are on the right track. I share your same feelings and efforts to help keep our citizens abreast on "WHATS HAPPENING" to us and for us. Stockbridge is well over due for,old ways out and to make room for growth. I stand totally with our new Mayor as I think any person seeking and having a true heart to be fair,represent truth,having a moral conscience,able to represent ALL people andbeing accountable. To me this is some important parts of a good and effective leader. There IS A PROBLEM IN GEORGIA. To many dishonest,self-serving,selfish people in high places. In Education, leaders(so-called)are cutting the futures throats of our kids or are you trying to separate certain groups of peoples to serve your self ambitions? Nothing new. Are you? will you? BE BLESSED.

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

Thank you for this information. Please continue to keep us informed on the investigation. Myself, as well as friends I have spoken with in the past have often wondered about this "development". It was puzzling how the combination of the location and the amount of money it had to be costing to move and build this vision could ever pay off. Now we know. It was only just that, someone's vision. It wasn't a professionally planned, data-backed, responsible use of taxpayer's money. As was said in the article by McLaughlin "the good thing about real estate development is that every problem you can possible imagine has already occurred somewhere else". This irresponsible use of an enormous amount of taxpayer money needs to be thoroughly investigated and publicized so that this "problem" doesn't occur somewhere else.

* Commissioner decries lack of GDOT district support

seems as though a traffic light IS needed for the intersection at Hwy42/King Mill Rd.....What would be the point in all the roadwork if you dont put a light there?????

* Students get crash course in adulthood

Kudos to Ola Middle for this project that gives students a glimpse into their future. I would love to see all the schools take on this project and others as well as classes to better prepare them for everyday life after graduation. I've seen high school seniors, weeks from graduation, that have no idea how to even endorse a check. We require students to take P.E. and Sex Ed. They should also be required to take at least one class in basic personal finance. Our country's current economic situation speaks volumes of the need for these basic skills. Being fiscally responsible must begin on an individual level and then progress to families, businesses and government. It is essential that we educate our students on the basics of finances and the advantages and disadvantages of making either wise decisions or ill-informed decisions. We are giving them an incredible government deficit to deal with. Let's also give them the tools to solve it.

* Victim ID'd in fatal accident

This is my mother The most kindest and meekest person you could know. Everyday is a constant Struggle for my family. Please keep us in your prayers. It is told to my family the driver reached down for coffee and killed my sweet mama who was parked on the median reason unknown(perhaps the heavy rain). I was the 1st family member on the seen and to be helpless to your mama is an awful feeling. To all love your mama and daddy and cherish each moment God has given you with them because once Death comes they are no more. There is no pain Heavan cannot heal!

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

I am glad that someone out of Morrow sees the wasteful use of our tax monies.Seems that the people in charge here love to create things that have no purpose other than too put someones name on, check out all the little parks and walking trails that noone uses.We have a narrow bridge near my house that could have been widened but no now they have built an island to plant flowers, how many more useless things can they think of? Seems that our leaders have too much time on their hands.Oh, could someone tell me where John Lampl is and if he lost his job for his unkindley words to city employees. I'll be at the council meetings now for sure.

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

I think thatif people knew what the area was they would have visited itMost of the people I know drive down 75 and say "What is that over there?" Try advertisisng!

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

What were they thinking, clearly they were not. Even someone who wants to open a small business realize you need a business plan which include pre-planning and anaylsis of the community and how viable such a business venture would be. I think the GBI and other authorities should investigate this matter, I believe because they were using tax payers money didn't care to do the necessary to figure out if this would be a successful venture. I am sure some of the higher ups involved in this debacle received some form of financial kick back, from the purchasing of the land to the fact that basic business codes were ignored.

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

I think we should begin by tearing out the very expensive lining in Lampl's trouser pockets. For whatever reason, he took an attractive idea and hosed it down from one day to the next. As a resident of the area, I watched while passing along I75 and the Mall perimeter drive anxious to see the end result. When done, I was sorely disappointed that even the traffic flow was poorly planned along with what few struggling merchants could be found within. I pittied their dashed hopes and enthusiasm for a chance to be part of something attractive and unique in the area. I know that I certainly could have done a better job of developing that space, but alas, such is the power of those in position of influence versus those of us out here among the masses.

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

I hope the whole city of Morrow sinks.The Mayor and others are too worried about tractor trailers being parked with in the city limits of morrow and writing them high dollar parking tickets while the driver is eating lunch. I will not and do not spend one dime in the city of morrow and neither do my friends,family or anybody i work with!!!

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

I cannot understand why the city of Morrow allows Mr. Lampl to continue to sit on the City Council. He should be suspended until his case has been settled one way or the other. He has obviously shown a lack of good judgement in his handeling of Olde Town and his refusal to admit mistakes were made. It is sad that someone like that is still able to make decisions that affect all the citizens of Morrow.

* Conley man arrested for cardboard theft

Poor guy was only looking to make a house for his homeless self and family---Hello?

* Man dies, woman wounded in home invasion

Hello!?? The door crashed open and they started inside. The man had every right to use lethal force. Good for him!

* 'Olde Towne Morrow' riddled with problems

Another failed gov't attempt to duplicate what private enterprise does. A gross misuse and waste of taxpayers dollars, and should result in penalties for someone.

* BOC aims to curb personal attacks

Commissioner Hambrick you've sat on that board for two years in silence. Your first public comment is in support of a fellow commissioner whose private actions are in question. Then you give an interview to express your feelings are hurt because you think someone is calling you all names and the public must stop this nonsense in your opinion. Where are your fellow supporters? Grow up, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.