Library system seeks Facebook fans for contest

The Clayton County Library System has entered a national competition that could allow it to obtain various books from the world's best-selling reference brand, according to the virtual services librarian of the Clayton County Library System.

Terran McCanna said if the library system wins the competition, it will receive 1,600 "For Dummies" books, which will be dispersed throughout the six branches in the county.

The competition is overseen John Wiley & Sons, the publisher of the "For Dummies," books, added Flora Hazelton, assistant director at the Clayton County Headquarters Library.

Officials of John Wiley & Sons were unavailable for comment.

"The ‘For Dummies' books are well written and useful self-help guides covering everything from computer programming, to dog training, to playing guitar, to wine tasting," said McCanna in an e-mailed statement. "This would be an enormous benefit for the library [systems'] collection, and for the entire community."

The winner who has the most fans on its Facebook page, dedicated to the contest, will win the 1,600 books, said Hazelton.

As of Thursday, the Clayton County Library System had 244 fans, though some competitors already have more than 1,000, she said.

To help the library system, individuals who have a Facebook account may visit the "CCLS For Dummies" page on the social network, at http://www.facebook.com/pages/CCLS-For-Dummies/141324289264765?sk=wall.

Hazelton said any library system is eligible to participate in the contest.

"I'd be very surprised if...the richest library systems in the state weren't trying," she said.

Hazelton said each "For Dummies," book is worth about $30, so 1,600 books could total about $48,000.

Hazelton added that currently books are expensive, and the additional 1,600 books would be of great help.

"For one thing the cost of books nowadays is more and more...and the budgeting situation in much of the state [of Georgia] is such that everybody is counting down their pennies," she explained.