Who's the boss in Jonesboro? - JOHN TEMPLEMAN

Who's the boss in Jonesboro?

To the editor:

Jonesboro's financial meltdown continues. During the March 7th work session, the city council was informed by the city's financial officer that it will have to amend the budget, and dip into its reserve's once again, and pull out $228,930.00, for a 2010 short fall.

Was this a surprise? No, it was expected. So, there wasn't a whole lot said about it. But they did say they came within their budget for last year, that this money was lost due to the declining projected revenues from businesses, etc. They're right that this was a loss from business revenues, due to sales taxes, and lost business fees.

Maybe I'm missing something here? So, do they think the economy is in an upturn and the business money will come back for 2011? Are they preparing for 2011 with a realistic view of our economy?

Well, they are going to ask us, the citizens, to pitch in. They're going to try to lower our homestead exemption, so they can tax us more. Regular gasoline just hit

$3.45 per gallon. Groceries are increasing daily. Georgia Power has increased its fee, monthly. If I were a betting man, I would say our county property tax is going to increase also this year.

So, have they cut the city's expenditures to the minimum, so they can deal with next year's budget? What's the plan? Well, the plan is simple: TAXES, that's the plan. For they have no plans to cut anything in the city's budget.

So, I think we need to let this staff rock along, as they plan to do anyway, with no concern for the public, and we, the citizens, need to look into the future and this fall's election. I see no need in barking anymore at a deaf dog.

I see no need in attending any more council meetings, nor do I see a need to try to make sense of this council's mentality toward the citizens. What I'm going to do from here on out is get out in the public and see if we have anyone who is interested in running for office this fall, and see how they think. I suggest other concerned citizens do the same.

We have an election coming up in November and we might have a changing of staff at that time. Is this new staff going to be willing to come to reality and cut the budget like it needs to be cut, or are they going to ask for more taxes?

This should be the main topic this fall. For our economy isn't coming back anytime soon. Jonesboro needs some strong leadership that will run this city the way a small businessman would run his business. The cuts need to be made and we need someone willing to take the heat.

The well is dry and the people don't have any extra to spare, and this staff wants more for their personal adventures. We need real leadership and the citizens need to be looking for a new staff. We need to get back to the meaning of government "For The People, By the People."

Right now, our officials think they are our bosses, and we need to keep their lifestyle up. Well, reality has to hit somewhere, and why not start right here in Jonesboro and show these officials who's the boss? That would be us, the citizens.