Seniors celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

Decorations that included leprechauns, clovers and pots of gold were dispersed throughout the dining area of a local senior center. Seniors wearing green began to line-dance to songs such as the "Cha-cha Slide," "Cupid Shuffle," Cupid, and "I'm Alive," Celine Dion.

Susie Marshall, 61, was drawn to the dance floor, and wasn't afraid to spin her wheelchair around in circles, as she danced with her friends, Thursday.

"I like it," she said about the festivities. "It's good."

Seniors celebrated St. Patrick's Day at the Frank Bailey Senior Center, in Riverdale.

The event included music, dance and St. Patrick's Day trivia questions.

Participants also enjoyed food items including, ravioli, cookies shaped like clovers and green-colored frappé.

The host of the celebration was Debbie Stanley, program coordinator of the senior center.

During the trivia-questions portion of the event, Stanley asked the crowd, "What goes up and never comes down?"

Ruben Lee, 76, responded, "Age!"

Lee received a hand sanitizer as his prize for his correct answer.

Lee, while enjoying the event, said he is of Irish descent, which derived from both of his parents.

When asked what special meaning the holiday has for him, Lee said with a smirk, "Irish whiskey."

Noreen Rogers was wearing green from head to toe, and dancing to the "Cha-Cha Slide," song.

Rogers said that she also has Irish ancestry, which comes from her father.

She explained that her maiden name was Kelly, which is an Irish last name.

"I guess to be cheerful, have a good attitude, to love life and drink," said Rogers about what the celebration meant to her.

Senior Betty Hill said she is of Irish descent, thanks to both of her parents.

Hill was sporting green all over, including eyewear, a hat and her clothing.

"It is just an opportunity to party," said Hill about the holiday.

Program Coordinator Stanley said it took a couple of hours to get the event together, using the resources available at the Senior Center.

"We couldn't let St. Patrick's Day bypass," she said with a smile.