Suppose today was your last day to live ... - James C. Bell

If today was your last day, and you knew you would die at midnight, what would you do, how would you spend your last day on earth?

Would you act differently, would your thinking be changed, or would it still be a routine day? None of us really knows when we will die, or how we would act, or what we would do. Depending on our situation, there may be some things we would want to change.

I think the most important thing a person would want is to be absolutely sure about his or her relationship with God. I certainly would want to know, without a doubt, that I would go to heaven to be with the Lord when my time was up!

Believing I was right with God and my sins were forgiven, I would want my loved ones to be with me during my last day on earth.

However, I have talked with many people, who, after hearing the gospel of Christ and getting a chance to make a life-changing decision for Him, have said: "I don't want to do that right now. I'll have to think about it for awhile."

A woman told me just last night, as she heard God's truth, "I don't want to pray about that now, I'm still working on that." As if she could do some work or change her thinking or conduct and that would bring her into the right relationship with God.

I was talking to a soldier recently, and I asked him if he would pray the sinner's prayer with me and become a Christian. He said: "Not now, for I have lots of time left to live, but I will probably make that decision one day." He was about to catch a plane that would fly him back to Afghanistan and the dangerous war going on there.

Why do people, intelligent people, think they have the power to work their way to heaven, that whenever they want, they can begin to live a good life and earn a place in heaven -- when the Bible plainly tells them God loves them and has provided a way, and only one way, for them to get to heaven?

He gave His only Son, Jesus Christ, to come to earth and teach us to believe in God and to die for us on a cruel cross, so that we might be saved. I have talked to others who seem to believe that God chooses who will be saved, that He has the choice when, actually, He has given us the choice. We can either choose to believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as our savior, or choose the devil and go to Hell with him.

I have heard stories about this situation many times. One man told of a friend of his to whom he had witnessed many times through the years, and always, his friend would say, "I'm just not ready to make a decision today. Maybe next week or next year, but not now."

Jesus tells of such a man in the New Testament (Luke 12:19b and 20): "Take life easy, eat, drink and be merry." But God said to him, "You fool! This very night your life will be required of you."

Every person must be very serious about making a decision for Jesus Christ, for there is nothing more important than having a saving relationship with God. We should thank God every day for giving us the choice of having Eternal life in heaven, and not only for ourselves, but for every person in the world.

This should make us want to tell others, especially our families and friends, to make the right decision and accept Jesus Christ as Savior.

We don't know the hour or day when we will die, but we do know that it will happen. So, isn't it good to prepare for that time now, and be ready to go home to heaven and the Lord?

If you are not a Christian, why not make your choice to accept Jesus Christ today?

I pray you will.