Woman found disoriented, faces drug charge

Photo by Linda Bond

Photo by Linda Bond

By Elaine Rackley


A Jonesboro woman was arrested Friday, after she was found "disoriented" in the McDonough Walmart.

McDonough police were called to the store, located on Willow Lane, at 2:15 a.m. to investigate why Renee Helms Rawlins, 40, was wondering around in the store.

"I was dispatched to Walmart on a call, for a female walking in a disoriented manner through the store," said McDonough Police officer Ray Sanderson.

The officer was told by authorities that Rawlins had an outstanding warrant, for a charge of financial transaction card fraud, from the Henry County Police Department.

"With intent to defraud the issuer, accused used a financial card (Wachovia) for the purpose of obtaining money [and] goods by presenting the card without the consent of the card holder," states Rawlins' arrest warrant.

Sanderson arrested Rawlins, and took her to the Henry County Jail.

"When transported to jail, while [Rawlins was] being searched, the drugs were located. They found less than one ounce of methamphetamine," said Sanderson.

Later the same day, Henry County Magistrate Court Judge Robert Godwin heard Rawlins' case, and set her bond at $10,050.