Creekside Academy participates in Border Bash Invitational

Photo by Heather Middleton

Photo by Heather Middleton

From Staff Reports

The Creekside Academy Track and Field team participated in the the Border Bash Invitational at Augusta Prepatory Day School.

The boys finished 3rd overall as a team (out of 5) and the girls finished 5th overall (out of 6). There are 28 participants on the roster with only three juniors, four sophomores, and two freshmen. The rest of the team consists of 7th and 8th graders. They compete against other schools that were varsity programs.

Here are some notable performances from the Invitational:

Kenna LeMaster - Shot Put 6th place.

Savannah Schott - 3200 Meters 6th place.

Alana Wester - Shot Put 2nd place, 200 Meters 6th place.

Lindsey Hemmings - 100 Hurdles 3rd place.

Elizabeth Ruff - 330 Hurdles 3rd place.

Jay Watson - Shot Put 6th place

Divante Davis - Long Jump 6th place.

Kyler LeMaster - 3200 Meters 1st place, 1600 Meters 4th place.

Grant Thompson - Shot Put 4th place, Discus 4th place.

Tanner Shearer - 110 Hurdles 2nd place,1600 Meters 2nd place,800 Meters 2nd place.

Zach Postin - Shot Put 5th place, Discus 6th place.

Donavon Woods - Long Jump 5th place, 330 Hurdles 1st place, 200 Meters 6th place.

Girls 4 x 100 Relay Teams (Bana Saunders, Alana Wester, Maddie Kiker, Elizabeth Ruff - 4th place).

Lindsey Hemmings, Nance Starr, Bayleigh Reece, Alyssa Durrance - 6th place.

Girls 4 x 400 Relay Teams (Bana Saunders, Anna Moore, Maddie Kiker, Elizabeth Ruff - 5th place).

McKenzie Whitehead, Bayleigh Reece, Alyssa Durrance, Lindsey Hemmings - 6th place.

Boys 4 x 100 Relay Teams

(Cameron Green, Kyler LeMaster, Donavon Woods, Tanner Shearer - 3rd place.

Jordan Allen, Matt Postin, Seth James, Bennett Joiner - 4th place)

Boys 4 x 400 Relay Teams.

Grant Thompson, Kyler LeMaster, Donavon Woods, Tanner Shearer - 4th place.

Matt Postin, Daniel Fuqua, Cameron Green, Bennett Joiner - 5th place.