Say WHAT?! - Your neighbors have a lot of concerns

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Editor's Note: Say What?! is a new, occasional feature that consists of online comments readers have made in response to articles and features on our web sites -- www.news-daily.com, www.henryherald.com, and www.myjpa.com. These are raw, unedited comments. In bold type, are the headlines to which the comments are attached.

* SWAT team raid

Wow, you can just post anything in here regardlss if it is false

* Westmoreland criticizes military action in Libya

Wow what HYPOCRISY! Congressman Westmoreland, you supported the war in Iraq that was started with a lie and not budgeted in any of the Bush Administration's federal budgets from 2003 to 2009. What,you thought we forget those little known facts? Really!

* Butts Co. deputy involved in car crash

Okay,first off the sheriff writes his own policy for the sheriffs office vehicles thats why its called Butts County "Sheriiffs" office....Funny how this "accident" caused such an uproar & for you sooo called taxpayers why complain over a wreck that happen more than once a day. But u dont ever hear about taxpayers having to pay for the people already in jail..? This shows that we focus on small immature things than the real issue in jackson but im sure you angry taxpayers dont mind paying if your family members are in jail.We all know good and well it could have been anyone but of course everyone gets mad cause its an officer lets dont forget that! & yes im sure officers speed.. everyone does but have you ever thought it could have been a call? Which im sure if it was u would want a comment on that as well...im glad that everyones okay & no one was killed.

* Henry launches major soccer complex


* DA seeking indictment of county finance director

Politicians abusing their positions and power runs rampant on every level! Let the D.A. do her job. She will not be "influenced" by either side because she follows the letter of the Law and because she stands on principles that most politicians don't even recognize. Quit complaining about the fact that she is doing the job for which she was elected.

* Russell, Elizabeth "Betty"

You have our sincere and heartfelt condolences on the passing of Betty. Will keep you and your family in our prayers. God Bless You, Joanne and Bob Gunner

* Victims in high school beating suspended

Parents, Take this to the top and do not let this go. This kind of behavior is happening more & more in Henry County and it's dangerous. Why was this even allowed to happen? Where were the Principals, Resource Officers, etc. Schools go over board and throw the book at students for the smallest infractions yet something like this goes unpunished for the real criminals and your children will pay the full price.

* Mundy's Mill rallies for region victory

Please correct players first name. His name is John Eilum not Jack Eilum.

* Shepard, Emily

we send our deepest sympathy.

* Wanted man caught by Henry Sheriff's Office

Now! Investigate why the Police took me the first time?! stepping all over my planted Garden? my flower's and medicinal plant's from all over the world , city came to tear down my fence and my fruit three's! with convicted criminal's! ATTENTION! they took me at <<9:11>> AM <> look Up the Date! occult reason's? POLICE! <>!! Me to go The Henry hospital! Question? Why ! well he was play'n Amazing Grace on the saxophone at 8:08 am and Now he was eating Grass They say! Funny thing I have the whole Incident on My OLYMPUS recorder. At the hospital I was asked . Why are you Here? I respond! I have No Idea !!??? Now We ARE going to TAKE Your BLOOD! Take ? Did any ONE ask me if I was willing to Give it? Yes they did while <> intentional"y caused me great Pain and Permanent Damages! I DEMAND THE VIDEO TAPE! Now they TOOK My BLOOD! But I Curse THEM for 7 seven generation's. Here come's The doctor Ha Ha I remember You sir! You gave My son a Tranquillizer and Messed Him Up! And I remember telling u << lucky you R noT in ROMANia>>!! But I was Calm Based on Your Video surveillance! Why Tranquillize me too?!! By assault! Nice formula! the 1 that stop's your hearth! IM Back!

* Locust Grove boys get win

GO WILDCATS!!! LGHS boy's tennis team is 3-2 on the season with 4 matches coming up this week. Darius remains undefeated in all his matches this season, defeating Spalding at #2 singles, Drew and Sandy Creek at #1 singles. This is only our 2nd year as a team.

* County suspends liquor license

I frequent this bar, and have never seen this going on here. I am friends with the security and am still ALWAYS carded. I also happen to work locally in a restaurant. These same cops have come in to my restaurant and drank a couple of beers then took off driving on their motorcycles. So its ok for them to have a place to relax when not at work, but our place its not ok? Hows this for irony? The next time they come in there, I am going to call GSP. Henry County wont mess with their own, but GSP sure will. Then, when they get pulled over, they can experience what they do to us. Whats good for the goose isnt good for the gander? As much money as this idiot county is making off the duis they hand out, youd think they would want to keep bars open... but what do the people who elected the officials know about what they want???

* Bostic gets life, plus 5 years in murder

You know it is really sad that these people who have guns have no heart, no heart as far as a person and no heart as far as the "streets" go as well. My best friend was Murdered in Stockbridge in 2009 by 2 guys who GOT scared they pulled a gun and he walked towards them to whoop them. I hope that your childs mother has enough brains to know how to keep him away from you. Maybe you are not "religious" but God has a special place for people or should I say cowards like you, its called hell, and thats for eternity.

* Police: Ralph had 'overwhelming odor of alcohol'

So very true but have you taken a look at the officers in Clayton County and the cities, they are just as bad 95% of the time. Not all are but when a cop pulls you over just to get your NUMBER isnt that abuse of the badge? then you report it and nothing happens, come on you are in blue you should know politics win, its all in who you know.

* Teen faces judge in first appearance hearing

You know kids are just killing kids. The moral of this story.....try being nosey as a parent, get involved and quit trying to blame other people, take back our kids from the evil in the streets or they may not live to be 20.

* Teen arrested for daylight burglary

They better be glad they wasnt in my house, see they would have NEVER made it out except in an ambulance. There is a old man down the street that has a sign that says, "anyone caught stealing from this property will be shot dead NO EXCEPTIONS! both sides of his house. Clayton County said "sir, even though those signs are up we would still take you to jail." His reply? "I will be in front of 12 of my fellow clayton county homeowners, I am not too worried about it". Hope they stay a while, no probation!!!

* Grand jury indicts Clayton Sheriff's spokesperson

Kimbrough is not protecting her...if you listen to the news he said what she did was childish and immature as far as recording the conversation, however I am sure that she will be dismissed. He is really trying to fix some things and after Hill and his goons caused clay co so much money how is he "the bad guy"? Do you see any other Sherriff Departments taking OFF days to talk to the community and TRY to make it better? Kimbrough keep on keeping on!

* Nolan, Emmaline Barnett

Dear Granny, I just found out today that you're not with us anymore and its been the hardest day for me since Charlie died. Atleast now you're there to keep him company I'm sure he missed you very much! You and Charlie were the best thing that ever happened to me and I can honestly say that I wouldn't be the same person I am today if I had not met you and Charlie both! I will miss you both forever and I feel as if a piece of me is missing now that you're gone. I am so sorry you never got to meet my wife and daugter they would have loved you just as much as I do. I wish my daughter could come over to get cookies from you like I did when I was a child those were some of the best memories I have from my childhood. I'm still playing guitar and I'm proud to say that im very good at it thanks to you teaching me. well I have a million things I could say but nothing would descibe how much I love and miss you! Sincerly, Austin

* Manning still searching for right fit at Forest Park-By Derrick Mahone

The Irony of this article is that Manning took a chance on a coach in Florida with little coaching experience and NO head coaching experience,yet he dismisses a coachwho was never given an off season and in less the 60days from arriving to the school, he is fired. Also the person in the NY times article that doesn't get mention in this article is now one of the Asst.Principals at Forest Park. Someone had to take a chance on them before they became principals/asst.principals!,its just odd that they aren't more understanding?! I'm curious to hear the previous coach(Wright) comments.He is never quoted in these stories,Mr.Mahone. Maybe the next coach will be from Florida?....if the school has any teaching positions available?

* Cole named interim football coach at Forest Park

This is a mess and not fair to the players! Why not assign the AD to serve as interim coach rather get a coach of another sport who isn't in the building???...what stability is that? Why not allow Wright to maintain order until a new coach is found?...The economy did not happen over night nor did cutbacks in the county,so the Administration should have planned better..this is what happens when you have a high turnover of principals and coaches...no one cares about Forest Park! they don't have have any deep loyalty to the commmnity,parents and especially the kids...its just a JOB to them...atleast the previous coach remains at the school

* Locust Grove rolls past Drew

Just wanted to clarify that this team is the Wildcats not the lions. That is terrible to reference a team from a different school that many times in one article!!

* Grand jury indicts Clayton Sheriff's spokesperson

I agree with Steve. It seems like he is going out of his way to make sure she is comfortable in this. If any other deputy over here did something like that they would have been at least suspended, if you aint part of the click, they would be fired.

* Morrow residents raise questions about 'Olde Towne'

I agree, Susan. The leadership was too trusting of their chosen manager as the citizens were of their elected officials. There are some great people in charge now and they have realized their past errors. We can't afford to lose them so let's give them our support.

* Clayton Schools to fight gangs with 'Midnight Ball'

This too would be a great incentitve for CRCT, SAT, ACT, GHSGT & ASVAB test preparations as well year round. Call it the "Midnight Hall" invite the parents to participate also.

* Henry launches major soccer complex

You are going to find that north Henry county will continue to be neglected as McDonugh and further south flourishes. It is very obvious what is happening, just drive around. What amazes me is that this will get passed but anything to help the school system gets shot down. If you look across the state, thriving school systems are the ones that are being financially supported. Cobb, Cherokee, Paulding, Lowndes City schools.

* Victims in high school beating suspended

The bottom line here is that for years these type of activities have gone covered up. Now that they are slightly leaked into the news, there is a huge frantic reaction. Please know that there are worst things than some small town group of punk kids running around saying they are in a gang. These are wanna be hood rats that pretend to be apart of the nonsense that they are allowed to watch on TV. Also, when the county groups the same type of people from school to school and they beginning to more, you will find that these type of issues are going to get worse. The schools in this county are not balanced. Look at Stockbridge HS and Woodland HS and they are only 2 miles apart. Look at Union Grove HS and Eagles Landing. I live in the zone for one of these schools and have students that attend 3 different schools. Each of these three students are of different economic brackets.

* Residents oppose new McDonough apartments

We do not need any more apartments or strip malls in Henry County.

* Give soccer a chance - Brian Paglia's column

Thank you Mr. Paglia for shedding some light on the pitch! Soccer is often put very low on the priority list after football, soccer, wrestling, etc. If people stopped and took a look at overall records - they might pay attention a little more. In a sport that is as physical as football and just as (if not more) exciting - one would think it would catch the spotlight more. I know, one should be careful what they wish for - but when will these kids get their due? Booster clubs work very hard to support the teams and bring the crowd and having a very supportive Athletic Director that truly believes in the sport can make a tremendous difference. Thank you to all the sponsors, parents and coaches that stand by our athletes! Our numbers are few - but we are determined and dedicated!!

* Residents oppose new McDonough apartments

Nail Rd. is already zoned for apartments and town homes less than 2000 feet from where this apartment complex is proposed and was done so in 2005 in accordance with the Land Use Map. There are signs on this Nail Rd. land showing it is bank-owned so of the developer wants to build apartments he should have bought this land instead of asking for zoning contradictory to the Land Use Map. The county officials spent literally years deciding on and putting that Land Use Map together all for what? So some developer could come in and thumb his nose at it? I don't think so. As the saying goes, "Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part".

* Anti-Defamation League, schools campaign against bullying

I have a child in both high school and middle school. We have instructed our middle school child to go to a teacher again tomorrow, but so far the teacher in the class where the problem keeps occurring has done nothing. There has been name calling, threats and, as of today, items thrown at my child DURING class! The teacher in that class has done nothing. We would like our child to go through proper channels, but I have had it! If this continues, we will be meeting with the teacher and the administration. A child should not be scared to go to school! The previous instruction of "ignore it" did not help anything. It just keeps escalating!