GHSA approves additional classification

By Doug Gorman


The Georgia High School Association has voted on a plan to expand from five to six classifications starting in 2012.

It was one of two proposals considered by the GHSA. Earlier this week, the 4/8 plan was voted down by the GHSA executive committee.

The 4-8 plan would have placed schools in four classifications, but then eight divisions would have been created come playoff time, allowing for eight different state champions.

There are still some details to be ironed out, but if the new plan is approved, it would go into operation for the 2012-13 school year.

The GHSA moved from four classifications to five in 2000 after former Georgia Speaker of the House Tom Murphy put pressure on the organization, citing an unfair advantage for private schools.

When that new bylaw went into effect a decade ago, private schools where forced to multiple their enrollment by 1.5, causing some to have to jump up in classification.

The schools with the biggest enrollments were also lumped into the largest classification AAAAA.

Under the new agreement, classifications will still be based on enrollment figures, which are scheduled to be released in October.