Man beaten in McDonough parking lot

Photo by Hugh Osteen

Photo by Hugh Osteen

By Elaine Rackley


A Forest Park man said he expects to undergo surgery today, to wire his mouth shut, and put a metal plate in his cheek, following a beating outside a McDonough restaurant.

Davis Tan Do, 22, said he went to the Soho Grande Bar & Grill, located at 716 Hwy. 155 South, to celebrate his birthday, with his girlfriend, Gloria Harvey, 40, of Jenkinsburg.

"I was going to Soho, but I never made it in," Do said in a telephone interview with the Henry Daily Herald Tuesday.

Do, who works as a food caterer on airplanes, said his alleged assailants, over a dozen black males, were standing around in the parking lot near his car.

"They started saying stuff to me, racial slurs, but basically I just kept walking," he said. "They kept calling me 'Chinese and chink,' but I am Vietnamese, I just kept walking."

The couple decided to turn away from the group of 10 to 15 males, and move to Do's car, "because one of our doors doesn't lock, and it had valuables in it," said Do.

He said the group blocked him from getting into his Volkswagen Jetta.

"They told me to just go inside and everything would be all right, and when I turned around to go inside the building, that is when they attacked me," he said.

Do said some of his assailants wore dreadlocks and the others had low haircuts. He said some were riding in a gray Dodge Charger.

The alleged assault took place last Friday around 12:47 a.m., according to McDonough Police Officer J. Hobbs, who was working part-time at the eatery.

"As I made my way to the rear of the parking lot, I observed an Asian male, identified as Davis Do, laying underneath the front wheel of a silver Chrysler 300," said Hobbs in his police report. "Mr. Do was unconscious and bleeding profusely from his mouth and face."

According to the police report, Harvey told Hobbs there were several witnesses in the parking lot, "but refused to help him." Officer Hobbs said he attempted to find witnesses, but was unsuccessful.

"Mr. Do's face was swollen severely to the point where his eyes were almost shut," said Hobbs in the report.

Do was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta.

"I was unconscious for a while," said Do. "I had stitches on my right eye, and I broke my jaw in two places and had a cheekbone fracture." Do said his bottom teeth were pushed back, and he had scrapes and bruises.

Officer Hobbs said when Do's girlfriend called him to the parking lot, he ran to the area, but did not see a fight, but said he later saw Do on the ground.

The officer said he saw a silver Dodge Charger with a spoiler leaving the scene at a high rate of speed, southbound on Industrial Boulevard.

According to the McDonough officer's police report, the incident began when words were exchanged.

"One of them made a derogatory comment to Ms. Harvey," the police report continued. "He [Do] advised that he turned to confront the individual and does not remember anything past that."

"She [Harvey] advised that, at that point, it appeared that they apologized to Mr. Do ... When Mr. Do turned away from them and began walking back towards her, they all jumped on him," according to Hobbs' police report. "She advised that he fell to the ground and they began kicking and punching him [Mr. Do]."

Staff writer Jason A. Smith contributed to this article.