New restaurant serves up hibachi, sushi, buffet

Photo by Johnny Jackson 
Sushi chefs prepare cuts for the day's sushi bar cuisines at the hibachi, sushi and buffet restaurant in McDonough.

Photo by Johnny Jackson Sushi chefs prepare cuts for the day's sushi bar cuisines at the hibachi, sushi and buffet restaurant in McDonough.

By Johnny Jackson


Hampton resident, Susan Stanley, frequents the international buffet-style restaurant in McDonough.

"The service is really good," said Stanley, who visits Sakura Hibachi Buffet once or twice a week, during her lunch break. "It's got a variety of selection, and the prices are real good."

The newly opened restaurant offers a lunch buffet for $7.65 per adult. The eatery includes various eastern foods, and features a Sushi Bar, Hibachi Grill, and an Asian-meets-American inspired buffet.

Sakura Hibachi Buffet has already earned a local following. Customers, like Stanley, begin to fill in the large empty parking lot around noon on weekdays, and they continue to come and go into the evening.

The restaurant has done "pretty good business" since it opened its doors on May 2, according to acting manager, Paul Chen.

Chen said the restaurant, located at 1001 Regency Plaza Blvd., is owned and operated by McDonough resident, Jin Wang. Wang, the proprietor of a similar restaurant in Toledo, Ohio, he said, has been in the restaurant business for about 20 years.

Wang decided several months ago to open the eatery in McDonough, according to Chen. The acting manager said the Henry County area was chosen over Chicago, because of its growth and appeal as an opportunity to create a successful business.

Chen said the variety-cuisines restaurant provides an "East meets West" mix of food options that include Japanese foods, as well as some Chinese foods and classic American foods.

"We receive most of our fresh fruits and vegetables twice a week from the Forest Park Farmers Market," added Chen, noting that Sakura Hibachi Buffet also serves fresh oysters on the weekend.

Neutral-colored drapes adorn window treatments that fall above similarly muted dining booths. The nine different bars sit at the center of the 13,000-square-foot restaurant.

A glow from the bars' colorful displays adds to the soft table lighting around the restaurant, whose capacity is 236 patrons, including the 50-person capacity for each of its two party rooms, according to Chen.

The restaurant staff consists of eight full-time employees -- including a trained Habachi chef and two trained sushi chefs. He said the buffet currently employees three part-time workers.

Chen said that the restaurant is eager to get involved in supporting the community as a business partner to schools, and as a neighborhood resource to its patrons.

Sakura Hibachi Buffet is open seven days a week --Sunday through Thursday, from 11 a.m., until 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, from 11 a.m., until 10:30 p.m.

To learn more, call the restaurant at (678) 583-8566.