Clayton State's DeMond named Student Media Advisor

Hampton resident Jennifer DeMond was recently named Student Media Advisor for Clayton State University (CSU), in Morrow. DeMond also graduated from CSU, with a bachelor's degree in communication and media studies.

"I feel honored to be the student media advisor here at Clayton State," said DeMond, a former editor of the student newspaper, The Bent Tree. "As Jason, my husband, said when I told him of the interview for this position, ‘you don't just like Clayton State, you love Clayton State.' I look forward to being a part of seeing Clayton State student media soar to new heights."

Clayton State's student media advisor serves as the primary point of contact for all campus media organizations including the Clayton State Internet Radio Station and the Clayton State Television Station, as well as Clayton State's student newspaper, The Bent Tree.

DeMond noted awards earned The Bent Tree through the Georgia College Press Association, and her hopes to expand all of the college's media accomplishments.

As advisor, Demond will work in conjunction with the university's student affairs department and the student media advisory board, and will communicate with faculty, staff, and students to develop and promote student media at the university, according to the university's online job description.

"I look forward to being able to mentor Clayton State students and help them achieve their best, just like my professors and advisors here pushed me to achieve mine," said DeMond, who is also a published author and mother. "All of my professors pushed me to achieve my personal best. Though things got tough as an undergrad, I managed to graduate with a 3.9 [grade point average] and gain several lifelong friends.

"Clayton State is very dear to my heart," she continued. "The university is also very dear to my family. My now-husband and I used to have picnics the lake in between classes when we were dating. We also had our engagement pictures made here."