Don't scrap 'Don't ask, don't tell' - LARRY WAYNE MCNORTON

To the editor:

This week, military chaplains are asking for reassurances that troops who openly object to homosexuality will not be punished, once the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy is lifted. Chaplains from 21 religious agencies, including representatives from the Southern Baptist Convention, the Anglican Church in North America, and the National Association of Evangelicals, sent a letter, Monday, to the military's chief of chaplains.

"Don't ask, don't tell," in the opinion of this observer, is not only a good idea for the military, but for society as a whole. "Don't ask-don't tell" is the only rational solution to an irrational problem.

The irrational problem is created homosexuals, when they attempt to force their sin on the rest of society as a legitimate, alternative lifestyle. Homosexuality seeks to legitimize itself through the medium of popular opinion. It appears that the homosexuals are hopeful that man's opinion will, in some way, magically trump the Supreme Law Giver of the Universe (This is not the Supreme Court of the United States).

It will not!

Homosexuality is no more, and absolutely no less a sin, than adultery, prostitution, pedophilia, fornication, or any other sexual deviation. There are three traits of homosexuality that make it a danger to society.

First, homosexuality is the only sexual sin that takes pride in its depravity. Homosexuality is celebrated having "Gay Pride Day." "All have sinned and come short of the glory of God," but most of us, when confronted with our sin, repent and hang our heads with the proper sense of shame and humiliation. Homosexuals, however, just strip half-naked to naked and dance openly in our streets, and thumb their noses at God and all who dare to challenge their claim to legitimacy. If anyone should speak out against this brazen display of self-degradation, they are labeled homophobic or intolerant. I say, "So be it."

Secondly, homosexuality is the only sexual sin that society not only condones for children, but actually encourages. Our children are told that they have a right to choose to be homosexuals. There are some high schools that have "homosexual" clubs and teach homosexuality as an alternative lifestyle to our children. These clubs are laid out and encouraged a part of the homosexual activist movement called GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, www.glsen.org). It is reported that there may be 4,000 of these clubs in existence. Some elementary schools read books to their students, or at least have books in their libraries that promote the homosexual agenda.

Finally, widespread, open homosexuality is one of the most urgent red flags to signal when God is ready to turn His back on a particular nation, society or people (Romans 1). It is also the only sexual sin where men and women use their natural bodies for that which is against nature. Whether you accept the idea of special Creation or Evolution, both declare homosexuality to be an unfit trait for the perpetuation of life. Since sex in nature is only for the propagation of the species, common sense dictates that a true homosexual union could never produce offspring, therefore, it has no legitimate purpose in nature. This is a fact that no amount of psycho-babble is going to change.

Does any of this give anyone the right to physically attack or hurt those who practice or support a homosexual lifestyle? God forbid we should become so barbaric when truth, love and prayer is more effective.

Does this mean we should simply accept homosexuality as a mainstream alternative lifestyle without protest? God forbid we should become so complacent while our society continues to decay for lack of sound doctrine.



High Point Christian Academy