HMC earns 'outstanding review' from Joint Commission

Henry Medical Center (HMC) earned high marks recently, while maintaining its full accreditation, following a detailed inspection.

The Joint Commission conducted an unannounced, on-site evaluation of the hospital May 16–20, said HMC's Public Relations Specialist Michelle Nunnally. The results of the evaluation, she said, were positive in terms of the services provided to patients.

"The evaluation is a rigorous inspection a team of Joint Commission expert surveyors, who provide an objective look at a hospital's compliance with numerous standards specific to the care of patients, including infection prevention and control, leadership and medication management," Nunnally said. "Henry Medical Center earned an outstanding review, and again received a full three-year accreditation."

HMC's President and Chief Executive Officer Charles F. Scott was pleased with the survey results. He said those who conducted the survey appeared to be impressed with the hospital's operations.

"The lead surveyor described the results of HMC's survey as ‘spectacular,' as we received far fewer recommendations for improvement than they typically give for a hospital our size," Scott said. "It is extremely gratifying for all of us to receive independent confirmation, from such a prestigious organization as the Joint Commission concerning the high quality of care provided in a safe environment in our hospital."

The Joint Commission, founded in 1951, is an independent, not-for-profit organization. Its hospital standards address aspects of patient care and hospital management. Those standards are developed with assistance from health-care experts, providers, measurement experts and patients.

Nunnally described the commission as "the only accrediting organization with the capability and experience to evaluate health-care organizations across the continuum of care.

"The Joint Commission has been acknowledged as the leader in developing the highest standards for quality and safety in the delivery of health care, and evaluating organization performance based on these standards," she said. "Today, more than 19,000 health-care providers use Joint Commission standards to guide how they administer care and continuously improve performance," she said.

Mark Pelletier, the Joint Commission's executive director of Hospital Programs, Accreditation and Certification Services, said HMC's achievement demonstrates its commitment to a high level of patient care.

"Accreditation is a voluntary process, and I commend Henry Medical Center for successfully undertaking this challenge to elevate its standard of care and instill confidence in the community it serves," Pelletier said.