CSU golf tournament pars fund-raising goal

The Clayton State University Foundation reached it’s fund-raising goal of $30,000, to benefit the CSU Honors Scholarship Program, according to Vice President for External Affairs Robert “Steve” Stephens.

Last month, the foundation held it’s Annual Town and Gown Golf Tournament, at Eagle’s Landing Golf and Country Club, in Stockbridge. The event raised a total of $30,263, Stephens said.

Reda Rowell, director of development for the foundation, said that –– on average –– the foundation usually raises only $20,000 through the tournament.

“As usual, my special thanks go to Reda Rowell, Terri Taylor-Hamrick, Dana Brown, and Tiffany Whidby, of the Clayton State University Development staff, for the long hours they put in to assure success for this event,” added Stephens. “Without their unswerving support, we could never have pulled this off.”

Rowell said the foundation is a non-profit, 501c3 organization that solely raises scholarship funds for Clayton State University. She added that the foundation gives away nearly $100,000 in scholarships, each year, to students who attend the university.

The golf tournament, according to Rowell, is just one of many fund-raising events the foundation hosts for the CSU. Rowell said players, who participate in the tournament, are from the community, or friends of the university, or university staff members

“I would also like to thank the Clayton State Honors Program students, who volunteered to help at the golf course, during the tournament,” said Stephens.

Direct of University Relations John Shiffert said this year’s bragging rights went to Dr. Kuo Lee’s Med Cross Imaging team, who took the tournament title from the defending champion, Tim Crawford and the Heritage Cadillac team.

“Both Med Cross and Heritage shot 19 under par, 53,” said Shiffert, “but Med Cross won on a scorecard tiebreaker.”

He added that Bruce Gant’s State Farm team “was just one stroke back in third place, with a 54.”