Letter to the Editor - BOBBY WILLIAMS and DWIGHT GINN

Lake City councilmen defend their service

To the editor:

We are writing in response to the write-up in the Nov. 2 Clayton News Daily. This letter is not intended to sling mud at anybody. It is intended to inform the Citizens of Lake City of the truth and the facts.

First of all, let us say that “the old folks” do have the residents’ best interests at heart. Most citizens call us at home to express their wants, needs, and desires. They know we are servants of the people, and they trust us and know we will do the right thing. We get many phone calls, day and night. Our phone numbers are made known to the residents. We have newsletters go out every quarter in the garbage bill that tells about upcoming events and what is going on in the city.

It is funny to us that these people who run for office do not know what is going on. WONDER WHY? They don’t regularly attend council meetings. In order to know what goes on in a city, or if you have a complaint, GO TO A COUNCIL MEETING AND VOICE THAT COMPLAINT at the meeting.

Council meetings are the 2nd Monday of each month and the work session is the Fourth Thursday of each month. The city hall phone is (404) 366-8080. Mr. Johnson and Mr. Walker are saying they are going to lower taxes. There are no taxes in the City of Lake City. Only on houses that are $150,000 or more.

By the way, The Nature Preserve is from SPLOST MONEY. People of Lake City are not paying for that. It is a beautiful park where we can walk and sit and enjoy the beauty of it. It is for the citizens of Lake City to use and enjoy.

Talk about businesses not being in Lake City. Why did you close your business on Joy Lake Road, Mr. Johnson? The economy has affected all of us.

Apparently, the people of Lake City have trusted the Mayor and Council for all these years, as they have been re-elected year after year. That says they are doing a great job! Mr. Walker says there are trust and communication problems within the city. That is news to us. The employees, Mayor and Council have an open-door policy and they keep the lines of communication open.

Other Cities have stated, time after time, they wish their city was like ours. The lines of communication are always open to everybody in Lake City, as well as outside the City of Lake City. By the way, we do have a web site.


Lake City Councilmembers