Pets of the Week - Jack, Mr. Kitty, and Ethel

Jack (the Siamese), Mr. Kitty (the black/white), and Ethel (the tabby) were born on August 31, 2011. These sweet angels are just starting all of their vet care, but all will be sterilized and vaccinated prior to adoption. Their mom was living as a stray in a trailer park, where some wonderful ladies were feeding her (and several other homeless cats). Unfortunately, some horrible, unkind person began poisoning all the cats in the part. There were very few cats still alive when CCHS learned of this tragedy, but a rescue plan was immediately initiated, and the few remaining cats were saved. Luckily, this precious little trio's mother was one of the cats saved. She was taken to a foster home and allowed to deliver her babies safely. Jack, Mr. Kitty, and Ethel have been hand raised and are all just spoiled rotten and very adorable! All three are polydactyl (means they have extra "toes") on all four feet....this is believed to make the cat a "lucky cat" who will bring good luck to the home where they live. They are also all bobtail.....each one has just a short, stubby little tail. These are truly unique babies! We would love to adopt them out together, but this will not be a requirement. If you might be interested in one, two, or maybe even all three of them, please contact Robin at 770-478-7531. There will be a special adoption fee in place for anyone approved to adopt two or more of them together. Just think about it....multiple lucky cats all in one home.....certainly something to think about!! To see many more adoptable CCHS animals, please visit our Petfinder pages at www.petfinder.com and use our 30236 zip code for your search.