Gang members suspected in sex crime

The Clayton County Sheriff's Special Investigation Unit has arrested a teenager in connection with a statutory rape that appears be part of a gang initiation.

Sheriff's Lt. Brian Crisp said on Oct. 28, a 15-year-old female student at Morrow High School reported she'd been raped. Crisp said the alleged incident happened off-campus.

However, a subsequent investigation revealed the girl to be a member of a street gang, who was participating in the initiation into another street gang, said Crisp. Investigators believe that the girl was forced to have sex with multiple gang members as part of the initiation, he said.

One suspect, 16, was arrested and charged with statutory rape and Violation of the Georgia Gang Act, he said. Crisp said the teen admitted his involvement with the gang and having sex with the girl.

More arrests are expected, he said.

"The school system is collaborating with the sheriff's office in efforts to maintain a safe and orderly environment, on and around, our school campus," said Crisp.


OscarKnight 3 years, 8 months ago

....Gangs among Our Public School campuses, in Clayton County, Ga ?

....Another Question might be : Who Is Watching The Children in this county ?

.....The School System in Clayton County, gets a Grade of "E" for their "Efforts".


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