Swint Elementary students share how to cook a turkey

How would you "make" your turkey?

Well, some young students at Swint Elementary School in Jonesboro had both clever — and surprising ways — for preparing a Thanksgiving turkey: From hiring a hit man to capture and kill the bird, to taking a less dramatic approach and purchasing a turkey from the grocery store.

Students, who make up the after-school program — Campus Kids — at Swint Elementary, spoke with a reporter about turkey preparations. The one thing they all seem to agree on, is that Thanksgiving would not be complete, unless there was a "big, fat, juicy" turkey lying in the center of their table.

According to the web site allrecipes.com, the proper preparation time to roast a turkey in the oven is about 4 hours.

However, these young, turkey connoisseurs said 15 to 20 minutes should do the trick. To speed up the process, 5-year-old Heaven — whose last name could not be given — said the proper way to do it, is to "pop the turkey in the microwave and hit ‘chicken pieces.'"

When Heaven was asked what grade she was in at the school, she confidently replied, "tendergarten." She did say that, before she popped her turkey in the microwave, she would first "stir it in a cup."

Well, how would one manage to fit a 12-to-25-pound turkey in a cup? Heaven was asked. That's when a curios look graced her face, and she shrugged her shoulders, and said, "I don't know. I guess I [would] use a big bowl."

When the students where asked how they would go about finding a turkey, some yelled out that they would go to a farm. Others said they would go to "Kroger's," the grocery store.

Second-grader, Joylon Puckerin, 7, said he would "save some bucks" and purchase his turkey from Wal-Mart, because they have "the best deals." He added that, to make sure his turkey was bursting with flavor, he would by a can of seasoning, a brand that's apparently sold at Wal-Mart.

The fourth-and fifth-grade students had a more dramatic approach to acquiring a turkey. One student yelled out that she would hire a hit man to kill the turkey for her.

Another student said he would dress in black, hide in the bushes, wait until the turkey was asleep, and catch it by surprise. Once he got it, he said, he would break its legs so it couldn't escape.

However, "Tendergartener" Heaven seemed to have a change of heart — after being horrified by the older students' bloody methods of securing the entree for their holiday meal.

She said she would just have "mama" do it.