One more mile to go for ELCA, Lovejoy

Keyante Green’s injury might have been the best thing that could’ve happened to Eagle’s Landing Christian, in a weird sort of way. It forced the Chargers to look for other options.

And they found them.

Now that Green is back in the lineup, the Chargers have more weapons than ever before as they get set to take on Seminole County at home. That’s a good thing — ELCA will need them.

If Seminole isn’t the best team the Chargers have faced, then they well may be the second-best. The Indians come loaded with big offensive linemen and a host of skill players that go beyond the obvious top option in Chris Brown.

They lost their opener to a team that couldn’t win ELCA’s region. They lost their opener to a team that wasn’t even involved in the Region 5-A championship, a team that lost its region play-in game.

Doesn’t matter. It was the first game of the year. First games are the hardest ones to measure a team by. Seminole has gotten a lot better since then.

Of course, so has ELCA, which could’ve won its opener against Briarwood Christian, were it not for the 27 extra bodies that Briarwood brought to beat the sweltering heat that night. That’s the kind of heart that will put the Chargers in good stead tonight when they beat the Indians.

Ware County, Lovejoy’s opponent, is equally scary. They have a history of knocking off the biggest names in the state. If you don’t blink at facing the mighty Valdosta Wildcats, then it’s a lot harder for other Wildcats to make you blink. Like Lovejoy’s.

Doesn’t mean the Gators can’t be beaten. The adage about defense winning championships applies to the Gators, too — it has been their calling card for years. To win this game, the Wildcats are going to need a swig of offense, perhaps a little more than they showed off against Kell. But they can do it.

Thirteen may be unlucky, if you believe in that kind of stuff. I believe it should be particularly so for Ware County.

There’s miles to go before ELCA and Lovejoy sleep.