More arrests made in gang fight

Clayton County sheriff's deputies arrested four Morrow High School students Monday, and charged them with suspected gang activity.

Two of the students were arrested at the school, two others were picked up at their homes, said Sheriff's Investigator Spencer Norton.

Norton said three of the four are juveniles and can't be identified. They are charged with affray, disruption of public schools, and Violation of Georgia's Gang Act.

The fourth, Denzel Jerome Marshall, 17, of Rex, is being held in the Clayton County Jail on charges of gang activity, and conspiracy to commit a crime. He is set to make his first appearance today in Clayton County Magistrate Court.

Norton said a fifth suspect, also a juvenile, has fled to Texas.

The arrests stem from an incident on Oct. 28, behind Morrow High School, involving a fight among gang members and a sexual assault, apparently unrelated.

A 15-year-old female told police she'd been raped by a fellow student, 16, according to Sheriff's Lt. Brian Crisp.

However, a subsequent investigation revealed the girl to be a member of a street gang, who was participating in the initiation into another street gang, said Crisp. Investigators believe the girl was forced to have sex with multiple gang members as part of the initiation, he said.

One suspect, 16, was arrested and charged with statutory rape and Violation of the Georgia Gang Act, he said. Crisp said the teen admitted his involvement with the gang, and having sex with the girl.

Norton said it was a coincidence the gang members were fighting in the same area as the sexual assault.

"It is a coincidence, but there is a path that cuts back to Cobblestone Apartments, and they all live around there," said Norton. "They are down there all the time."


ClaytonBornAndRaised 4 years ago

It's funny the news makes these kids seem like monsters but never take time to find out real stories just because they're gang members doesn't mean they are bad many gangs still try to help in the school telling these young boys and girls that they should finish school do right......but you all don't see that you're prejudice and judgmental all because one girl got caught doing wrong and then going on to say it was a rape knowing she consented is really horrible.......your stories and random OPINIONS on the situations are ruining peoples lives......how would you feel if this was happening to your kids would you want them to be portrayed as something they're not......I stand knowing these were my friends my family maybe not through blood but through the years of being together I know the truth but you probably don't care


OscarKnight 4 years ago

...."Gangs" ?....Clayton County, Ga. has been taken over by the corrupt gangs of the Democrat Party and The NAACP......Our lawful rights in this county has turned into nothing but waste paper........Arrests don't count, without a conviction. The so called Gangs in this county, contributes to the Job Security of our Law Enforcement, Our County Court, The Jail, The Lawyers, County Employees, Bail Bondmen, and The Flim Flam of wanting for more of the same. .....If the Police and Judges was earning their upkeep in this county, we wouldn't have this problem.


OscarKnight 4 years ago

....The Police and The Media, in Clayton County, uses the term "Gangs", very loosely, to spark fear into law abiding citizens. If we are being overrun by Gangs, someone is not doing their job !!


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