Accused killer returns to Clayton County

A teenager accused of stabbing to death his mother's friend, made his first appearance, Tuesday afternoon, in Clayton County Magistrate Court, and wanted to know how soon he could be released.

Clayton County police said Chinua Plez, 19, of Rex, fled to Florida in the victim's car, after allegedly stabbing him to death in October. Plez returned to Clayton County early Tuesday morning. He is charged with killing Gary Thomas Bussey, 61. After Magistrate Betrice Scott read the charges against him, Plez had one question.

"How do I motion for a bond hearing?" he said.

Scott told him his bond hearing has been set for Dec. 16.

Bussey was in town from Augusta, to attend a Morehouse College football game the weekend of Oct. 21, according to criminal warrants.

Plez spoke to his sister, Ebony Thomas, Oct. 22, about 7 p.m., the warrants state. He reportedly told her to not come home because he had a girl there and wanted privacy. Thomas returned to the family's Rex home the next night about 12:30 a.m., and found all the exterior doors locked and she could hear the inside fire alarm sounding. Using a spare key, Thomas was able to get inside and found someone had tried to set the stairwell leading to the upstairs on fire.

Thomas told police she was unable to get in touch with Plez that day. On Monday, Oct. 24, about 3:51 a.m., Thomas found a bottle of butane in the stove and got scared there might be something on fire upstairs, she reportedly told police. The door to an upstairs bedroom was locked and Thomas didn't find a key until about 2:10 p.m.

When she opened the bedroom door, she told police, the floor, walls and curtains were smeared with blood. When Thomas discovered a body on the floor of the bedroom's bathroom, she called 911. She also told police she thought Plez was responsible.

Police said they found Plez's pants covered in blood under the bed in that bedroom. Police said Bussey was stabbed at least eight times in his chest and arms.

A subsequent investigation showed Bussey's car, a 2006 Toyota Camry, was missing. Police were able to track Plez's movements through his cell phone and alerted Hollywood, Fla., police he might be in the area. Florida police located the Camry the same day Bussey's body was found and arrested Plez when they saw him and two women getting inside the car.

He is being held without bond in the Clayton County Jail. Clayton County State Court records show Plez was charged with simple battery in September 2010. Plez pleaded not guilty in November 2010, and the charge was dropped in January.