Airport increases high-tech offerings for Android users

Users of Android devices will now be less likely to get lost at the world’s busiest airport.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has become one of the first airports, globally, to give users access to indoor maps through Google Maps 6.0 for Android, said Katena Carvajales, spokeswoman at Hartsfield-Jackson.

These indoor maps showcase the airport’s floor plan and layout, including its 250 retail outlets, restaurants and kiosks, according to Carvajales.

“We are excited to partner with Google as they launch their indoor map navigation application, which will benefit Hartsfield-Jackson customers,” added Louis Miller, Hartsfield-Jackson’s aviation general manager.

He said travelers will never have to ask for directions with this app for Android.

“Travelers can now use Google Maps for Android to more quickly and effortlessly figure out where they are, and what’s around them, when they’re indoors,” said Steve Lee, director of product management at Google.

Lee said Google is excited to work with the airport to enhance the experience for travelers there, while allowing them to locate various places in the facility.

Android users must update their Google Maps app to access the indoor maps, said Carvajales. No additional updates will be required after this installation to obtain updated maps, she said.

Customers can update Google Maps for Android through the Android Market on their smartphones or desktops, she explained. The app is available anytime users have a connection on their mobile devices.