Suspect killed, officer hurt in separate crashes

The report of a home invasion early Monday morning set into motion a chain of events that ended with separate car crashes that killed a suspect and sent a Clayton County police officer and his K-9 partner to area hospitals.

The officer was in stable condition at Atlanta Medical Center Monday afternoon but his K-9 partner's condition was more serious, said Lt. Tina Daniel. The K-9 is being treated at a local emergency veterinarian clinic, she said.

One of three suspects in the home invasion was killed in a separate car crash about three miles away. The other two suspects are being held in the Clayton County Jail on multiple felonies.

Police responded to a home invasion call about 3:45 a.m. at Pinebrook Apartments. Three armed suspects broke in and demanded money, said Daniel. No one was reported injured in the home invasion.

They fled the scene and a description of their vehicle was broadcast to officers in the area. The K-9 unit officer was en route to a possible location of that vehicle when he crashed his patrol car. The single-car accident happened on Pointe South Parkway west of Thomas Road, said Daniel. The cause of the crash was not immediately released.

Not long after, police got word that the three suspects were involved in a single-car accident on Roundtree Road, in front of Riverdale High school, said Daniel. When officers arrived, they found one suspect dead inside the car. Two others were taken into custody from nearby woods. The cause of that accident was not immediately known.