McDonough councilman arrested in son's shooting

A McDonough City Councilman appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court Thursday after he allegedly shot his son.

Councilman Rufus Frank Amis was arrested by McDonough police and charged with aggravated assault following the shooting at his home, located at, 208 Phillips Drive.

Police officers were near Amis' house when they heard gunshots fired Wednesday night, around 9 p.m., according to Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director of Public Affairs, John Bankhead.

"McDonough police [were] in the area and heard the two shots. They were on the scene shortly after the incident occurred," said Bankhead. "There was a heated verbal argument between Mr. Amis and one of his adult sons."

The city councilman fired a pistol into the ceiling, and his son, Orlando Amis, left the house, added Bankhead. Orlando Amis was living with the councilman at the time of the shooting, according to Bankhead.

"Mr. Amis got his shotgun and fired two shots in the dark. One of the shots happened to hit the son in the back," continued the GBI Director. "It was a bird shot size of the pellets inside the shotgun shell. The son was fine last night [when] they took him [Orlando Amis] to Atlanta Medical Center to have the shot(s) removed."

McDonough Police Chief Preston Dorsey requested the GBI investigation into the shooting.

According to the warrant that resulted in the councilman's arrest, he "...unlawfully made an assault upon the person of Orlando Amis by firing multiple shots from a 9mm handgun and a 12 gauge shotgun striking the victim in the leg and lower to middle torso, with the intent to then and there...murder the said victim."

Henry County Magistrate Court Judge Robert Godwin set a $35,000 conditional bond for Amis. Judge Godwin ordered him not to have any contact with his son Orlando. Amis' case was reset to Oct. 17, at 8:30 a.m.

"I am disappointed and saddened about the incident," said McDonough Mayor Billy Copeland.

McDonough City Administrator Billy Beckett echoed a similar comment.

"The facts are not all in yet. We believe the justice system will ultimately make a decision about his guilt or innocence," said Beckett. "All of us at city hall are upset about the circumstances. We hold the entire Amis family in our prayers."