Moody, Prunty square off in friendly rivalry

Chris Moody

The scouting report: Considered a classic dual-threat quarterback because of his mobility to run and his ability to sit in the pocket and pass. Considered a three-star prospect by Rivals.com, a national recruiting service.

Season highlights: In five games, he has 340 yards rushing on 51 attempts to average 6.6 yards per carry. Has completed 63 percent of his passes for 712 yards with four touchdowns and only one interception.

Who wants him: Has offers from several colleges, including South Carolina, Middle Tennessee State, Vanderbilt, Clemson and Virginia Tech.

Favorite musician: Lil Wayne. "The stuff he says is mind boggling."

Favorite movie: Taken. "It had action in it from beginning to the end. It was amazing how he figured everything out."

Favorite subject: Chemistry. "It was one of those hard, but easy classes. Everybody was telling me that it was real hard. It was easy once you comprehend it and apply the math."

Player most compared to: Cam Newton. "People often joke around that I'm like him. It is a great honor to be compared to him"

If you didn't play quarterback: Wide receiver or defensive back. "I can catch the football pretty good. I'm one of those big body guys that can run, so I could stay up with most bigger wide receivers."

Why he wears the No. 6 jersey: "When I first got to Henry County, the No. 5 jersey was taken. The only option was No. 6 when the guy wearing that transferred. I got it and ran with it."

Leon Prunty

The scouting report: Built like a linebacker, but has the quickness to play quarterback. Labeled a dual-threat quarterback because of the team's triple-option offensive system. Has strong arm and not easy to bring down once he leaves the pocket.

Season highlights: Has rushed for 199 yards on 35 carries with five touchdowns. He has completed 24 of 51 passes for 572 yards and a touchdown.

Who wants him: He doesn't have any offers yet, but several schools have shown a lot of interest.

Favorite musician: Outkast. "They have a different style than the other rappers. They blew up instantly. They were not this one-hit wonder."

Favorite movie: Independence Day. "I like how (co-stars Will Smith and Bill Pullman) didn't give up. They came together because they were once enemies, but became friends. They found a way to win. I like the action in the movie."

Favorite subject: Social Studies. "I just love learning about history."

Player most compared to: Tim Tebow and Cam Newton. "People used to say Tebow, but now it's Cam. They say I'm a small version of Cam."

If you didn't play quarterback: Baseball. "I don't think there would be another position, so I would play baseball. If I had to chose a position in football it would be wide receiver. My hands are huge. I know what to do after the catch."

Thoughts on Chris Moody: "He is a great athlete. He can run and he can sit in the pocket and pass. We can do a lot of the same things to hurt a defense. He is very humble."

Why he wears the No. 6 jersey: "My dad wore it in high school and college. I like the number because there are not a lot of people that where No. 6."