Georgia's average gas price drops another 3 cents

The average price of regular unleaded gasoline in the state of Georgia continues its downward path, according to a spokeswoman for AAA Auto Club South.

The average prices in Georgia, Tennessee and the nation all have decreased by 3 cents, compared to last week, said Jessica Brady. Currently, the average price in Georgia is $3.24, compared to $3.27. In Tennessee, it is $3.19, where it was $3.22 last week. And the nation's average price for regular unleaded gasoline this week is $3.39, compared to $3.42 last week.

Florida's average price, dropped slightly more, with a current average price of $3.35, which is 4 cents less than last week's price of $3.39, Brady said.

"Retail gas prices fell for the past month as the price of oil continued to drop," she added. "Although oil prices increased last week, consumers will not likely see pump prices rise, but instead remain relatively unchanged from last week's averages."

Brady said positive economic news released last week is expected to, at least temporarily, ease some of the economic concerns of investors.

Evidence of that, she said, was that crude oil prices gained minimally last week, due to reports from The U.S. Labor Department, which showed September's payrolls rose by 103,000 workers. The department had an initial growth forecast of only 60,000 new workers, she explained.

Brady said crude oil settled at $82.28 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange on Oct. 7. The price rose $3.78, over the week prior, she said.

"Last week is the first time in a month that positive economic news was released and caused oil prices to increase," she said. Even so, the increase in crude oil prices has not been felt, yet, at the gas pump, as gasoline prices continue to fall.

Motorists can check average prices of regular unleaded gasoline in their state, by visiting AAA's Daily Fuel Gauge Report's web site –– www.fuelgaugereport.com.