Police arrest 2 men, woman in armed robbery

Witness thought the crime was Halloween prank

Special Photo: Joseph Wilson, Jr., Cequan Ladd and Tyleshia Kelley all are charged with armed robbery and false imprisonment.

Special Photo: Joseph Wilson, Jr., Cequan Ladd and Tyleshia Kelley all are charged with armed robbery and false imprisonment.

Two police departments, working together, apprehended three armed robbery suspects, within 20 minutes after they allegedly committed the crime.

The Waffle House, located at 265 Jonesboro Road, in McDonough, was held up at gunpoint on Oct. 5, and the robbers, two men and a woman, were trying to elude police, by stopping in the drive way of a home in the Germaine Trace subdivision, as if they had a connection with residents there. Residents told police they had none.

After the McDonough Police Department, along with the Henry County Police Department, pursued the alleged robbers, police said the female driver of (a dark, 1999 Mitsubishi Monterro) pulled into the driveway of a subdivision resident at 3 a.m., asking for someone unknown to the homeowners.

“We noticed a SUV parked in our driveway, but didn’t know who it was,” the homeowner told police. “The [Henry County] police officer was talking to the three individuals, but the young lady... approached the door, we opened it. She asked ‘was Bryson’ here. I told her, he did not live here,” according to police in a report of the incident.

“...[Kelley] said, ‘He be over here all the time.’ I said, no sweetie, you have the wrong house. My husband said to her... ‘Nobody by that name lives here.’”

Police apprehended the suspects in the driveway. The stolen cash was recovered, along with other items, including gloves, a mask with eye holes cut out, a hat with eye holes cut out, and a LA Rami, black toy gun, wrapped in a red nylon bag ...,” according to police.

Police arrested Tyleshia Brittany Kelley, of Hampton, along with Joseph Wilson, Jr., and Cequan Lothario Ladd, of McDonough. All are 18, and all are charged with armed robbery and false imprisonment. Wilson and Ladd also are charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. The three remained in the Henry County Jail without bond, at press time Tuesday.

When the Waffle House was robbed, Oct. 5, two men entered the 24-hour eatery and demanded money, while a female driver waited outside in a getaway car, said McDonough Police Detective Gardner. The men, dressed in black hoodies and gloves, and wearing bandanas, brandished weapons, said the detective.

“Both of the men had guns,” he said. “Wilson had a semi-automatic hand gun, and Ladd had a semi-automatic 20 gauge shotgun.” Police later found out the shotgun was stolen, out of Locust Grove,” added Gardner.

“One subject was armed with a long gun, possibly a rifle or shotgun, that subject stood at the door holding the door open with his body, while the other subject entered the store and announced, ‘This is a robbery,’” according to a police report written by McDonough Officer B. Oliver.

Ladd jumped over the counter and pointed a gun at one of the employees, ordering her to give him all the money, according to the report. “He then pressed the gun against her head, and a victim stated she heard a click sound, as if he had pulled the trigger,” continued the report. “She then went to the register, removed the money tray and handed it to him.”

Witnesses told police the men left in a dark-colored Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). There was only one customer inside the Waffle House at the time of the armed robbery. That witness told police he initially thought the crime was a Halloween prank.

“The quick apprehension of the suspects was a coordinated effort of multiple officers of both agencies working together,” said Gardner.