Delta beats all carriers in annual airline survey

Delta Air Lines recently won the Business Travel News Annual Airline Survey, said Delta's president, in a memo addressing the company's 80,000 employees.

Edward Bastian, who is also a member of Delta's board of directors, said this is the first time in the contest's 14-year history that Delta defeated all other carriers involved in the survey.

"Business Travel News is important because it is the industry's most well-read magazine by corporate travel managers," he said. "These are the high-value customers who purchase billions of dollars in annual air travel, and [Business Travel News] went straight to this audience to conduct this survey."

Bastian said the win –– being chosen as the top carrier –– is a product of excellent work from Delta's employees. These employees range from front-line attendants, responsible for setting the industry's service standards, to information technology specialists, who ensure that computers assist travelers to efficiently rebook a flight, he said.

"All of our ... employees have a hand in an award such as this one," he stressed.

Bastian said the win also reflects that Delta's most important corporate customers have accepted the billion-dollar upgrades and enhancements to areas related in the flying experience.

This includes the renewal of Delta's Sky Clubs, the increasing numbers of full-flat bed seats in "BusinessElite" cabins, and more than 800 Wi-Fi equipped aircraft, he explained.

This type of victory only arrives when a tremendous airline runs operationally, he said. "Our significant improvements in on-time, completion factor and baggage handling are the kind of performance that our best customers appreciate," he added.