Letter to the Editor - DAVID RASHMIR

To the editor:

The City of Forest Park is, once again, distorting the truth about the Crazy Horse Saloon. City attorneys, Robert Mack and Joe Harris, have described a list of alleged violations that have occurred that are contrary to the truth in evidence.

The worst part of their distortions is that they, in their own words, "do not have to prove these offenses ... nor do they have to prove any offense beyond a reasonable doubt."

What a miscarriage of justice this would be.

The real truth is that the Crazy Horse Saloon has been the victim of insidious police harassment with a political agenda to put us out of business. In doing so, this has put hundreds of people out of work, and will put hundreds more out, if they continue. Between lowering the tax base by driving us out of our legal business, and the astronomical legal fees being billed to the city by Mack and Harris, the citizen-taxpayers are paying a very dear price.


General Manager

Crazy Horse Saloon