Letter to the Editor - WILLIAM E. MITCHELL

So much has gone wrong in this country

To the editor:

I realize that I am a little long in the tooth, but there is much I do not understand about my beloved United States. It has become “the government owes me a living,” should pay my tuition, pay my mortgage, and on and on.

In fact, groups are gathering in parks all over the country causing major problems. We have become a blame society: If you smoke three packs a day for forty years and die of lung cancer, your family sues the tobacco company. If your neighbor crashes into a tree while driving drunk, he blames the bartender.

Males are wearing earrings, letting their hair grow shoulder-length, getting facials, and on and on, for reasons that I cannot understand. Are “men” wanting to be more what?

When I was growing up, some 60 or so years ago, when a child got over 12 years of age, they did not leave the house/yard in cut-off short pants, wearing shower shoes. Now that is most common. It appears that males today are not men enough to wear long pants, to include law enforcement officers and postmen.

Women are exposing parts of their bodies in public (and on television and in magazines) that, in my day, were seen only in marriage. A young person can see on television things that should be happening only in marriage.

The present administration is doing everything it can to outlaw guns. Do you realize that without guns, there would not have been any revolution? Speaking of Revolution, a survey of 1,000 high school seniors found that only 26 percent knew what country the United States went to war against for independence.

An estimated 64,999,987 gun owners did not shoot anyone yesterday. Homeland Security (part of it sells guns to drug dealers) requires fingerprints sent to the FBI for a concealed-weapon permit. I had a problem with my fingerprints at the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office. They could not seem to get them right. Blamed it on my fingerprints being old. Of course, I have had them for 80 years.

Thomas Jefferson –– does anybody under 30 know who he is? He said, “Those who hammer their guns into plows, will plow for those that do not.”

A man with a gun is a citizen, a man without a gun is a subject. This is what our corrupt leaders are trying to do.


Lake City