Welch named 'Y' Clubs of Georgia finance chairman

From Staff Reports

State Rep. Andy Welch, III, (R-McDonough), has been selected to serve as the finance chairman for the "Y" Clubs of Georgia in Henry County.

The 39-year-old McDonough attorney is being asked to help raise money for more than 100 "Y" Clubs throughout Georgia.

"Y" Clubs are leadership-development, service-oriented, faith-based school clubs for pupils in the sixth-grade through twelfth-grade.

The first task facing Welch, said Randell Trammel, executive director of the "Y" Club program, is to help raise $25,000 to complete a $100,000 foundation pledge challenge grant. He said three-fourths of the money has been raised.

"What those dollars mean is funding to help develop young civic leaders," Welch said, Thursday. Welch is a partner in the McDonough law firm of Smith, Welch, Webb and White.

Overall, the finance drive is underway to support the "Y" Club program in Georgia's middle and high schools that have Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y and Co-ed "Y" Clubs.

In Henry County, "Y" Clubs can be found at Union Grove Middle School, and Union Grove High School, Locust Grove High, Henry Middle School, and at the private schools of Community Christian, Strong Rock, and The Sharon School.

Next door, "in Clayton County, ‘Y' Clubs [will] be found starting back at Babb Middle School, through their principal and volunteer teacher advisor," said W. Mark Walker, development director of State YMCA of Georgia.

"Historically, ‘Y' Clubs were offered at Forest Park High School, Mt. Zion High School, Jonesboro High School, as well as Babb Middle School," Walker added.

For more information on the "Y" Clubs of Georgia, visit www.yclub.org, or call (770) 455-9622.