Christians must love, respect one another - Jim Bell

Jesus Christ, Himself, said in John 13:34: “A new command I give you, love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

Our Savior said this not as a suggestion, but as a direct command. As Christians, we must love and respect one another, and do this in a positive manner, not being critical and negative and argumentative. If we find we have a disagreement with a brother in Christ, we should discuss our differences in a way becoming a Christian, not letting our temper rise or allowing our differences to escalate into an argument.

I believe we should be accountable for our thoughts and actions and to hold our Christian brothers accountable also, but there is a right way and a wrong way of doing this. Jesus would advise us to do so in a loving and respectful manner. If you have a disagreement with someone about what you or he believes about the Bible or some scripture, you should be sure to remain calm and respectful of the other person’s point of view, and to tell him of how you interpret a particular scripture.

You should be able to back up your position with supporting scripture or from a Bible Commentary, such as Matthew Henry. I have always held the position that I would not argue about the Bible, but I would share my opinion and hope for agreement in a friendly manner. One must be very careful not to get angry, or to set the wrong example for those who might be listening, or for those who are not Christians, so they won’t get the wrong idea of how Christians are to act.

I want to share some thoughts with you on how we should put the command of the Lord that we should love one another in action. These are not in any order of preference or importance, just some things I have learned during my almost eighty years of living. I am not saying I have mastered these things, for I certainly am not perfect and I am still working on them.

We should all have a friendly and positive spirit about us — not being withdrawn and negative and grouchy. I think we should practice having a good attitude toward life, especially with our spouse and family. We should cultivate friendships with one or two people, such that we could share our feelings and thoughts with them intimately, knowing they would keep them confidential. One should definitely have such a relationship with his or her spouse.

As Christians, we should try our very best to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord, being sure to study the Bible and know all the commands Jesus gave us in the New Testament. We should pray daily, praising the Lord and expressing our needs and giving our burdens to Him. We should pray for our friends and acquaintances, asking the Lord to bless them and grant them good health and peace of mind.

When someone asks us to pray for them, we should pray for them immediately or be very sure to include them in our daily prayers. One should be sure of their his or her and share with others how to become a Christian and be able to lead them in a prayer of repentance to accept Our Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and friend.

I know there are many other ways one can express Christian love to others, but there is not the space or time to include them in this article. I want all my readers to know I love you in Jesus Christ and want you to have a good relationship with Jesus. If I can pray with you or help you in any way, you can contact me through the Clayton News Daily or Henry Daily Herald. You may call (770) 603-PRAY, to request a prayer need. May God bless you.