Pets of the Week - Malachi and Sampson

Malachi and Sampson

These 2 precious little boys are part of a litter of 5 kittens who were abandoned at a church, when they were only 2 weeks old. Animal Control was called and the kittens were taken there to be euthanized. Fortunately, a tenderhearted animal control officer did not want to see the tiny babies destroyed, so she called Clayton County Humane and asked for help. A humane society staffer decided to take the babies home and bottle-fed them until they learned to eat on their own. These little orphans hit the foster home jackpot!! They were handled frequently, and showered with love and attention, and just to make the story more interesting....the foster home had a chihuahua who decided to "raise" the kittens as HIS own babies, so these kittens are very accustomed to being "up close and personal" with dogs! These kittens are very, very sweet and truly crave attention from humans. They were born in April of this year, and both have been neutered and fully vaccinated. Anyone interested in adopting either or both of these boys, should contact Robin at 770-478-7531. To see many other adoptable Clayton County Humane Society animals, please visit our Petfinder pages at www.petfinder.com and use our 30236 zip code for your search.