Funeral set for Riverdale Councilman Wayne Hall

Election votes cast for him will be void

Special Photo: Riverdale City Councilman Wayne Franklin Hall, 62, was found dead in his home, Sunday, according to city officials.

Special Photo: Riverdale City Councilman Wayne Franklin Hall, 62, was found dead in his home, Sunday, according to city officials.

The funeral for Riverdale Councilman Wayne Hall, 62, who was found dead in his home Monday, has been scheduled for next week.

Mina Hall, the councilman’s 24-year-old daughter, said the funeral will be Wednesday, Nov. 2, at 1 p.m., at the Watkins Funeral Home, in Jonesboro.

Black ribbons have been placed at the entrance to the Riverdale City Hall building, in remembrance of the councilman, said Mayor Evelyn Wynn-Dixon. She also issued a statement of condolence on the city’s web site, Wednesday.

“There are occasions in life when words become too small, feelings become meager, and emotions fade away,” she said. “These are the moments when no gestures, no help and no words of sympathy seem adequate enough to console the family and friends of the deceased.

“The loss of a loved one is one of those situations that fall exactly in the same awkward category. May God provide the Hall family enough strength to face these difficult times, although no words can really help to ease the loss you bear, just know that you are very close in every thought and prayer.”

Hall was the only Riverdale city official facing opposition in the upcoming municipal election, set for Nov. 8.

Riverdale City Clerk Stephanie Thomas released a statement, Wednesday, which said: “Mr. Hall was a qualified candidate in the upcoming election. In light of his passing, all votes cast for him shall be void, and shall not be counted, pursuant to state law.”

Hall had served on the Riverdale City Council since 2007, and was facing opposition in his re-election bid for the Ward 2 seat. His name, and that of his opponent, An’Cel Davis, are on the ballot.

His daughter, Mina, said her father was confident he would win re-election. “He really loved his city and wanted the best for his city,” she said.

Hall’s sudden death left many in Riverdale stunned. “He was a dear friend and a wonderful neighbor of ours for about 14 years –– and we will truly miss him,” said Glenda Presley. She said she and her husband, Gene, are still in disbelief over the death. “It bothers me to see his house and cars in the driveway.”

The Presleys and Hall were close friends, Glenda Presley said. When her husband noticed Hall’s car still in the driveway Monday evening, it was unusual, because there was a Riverdale council meeting during that time of day. “We have never known him to miss a meeting,” she said.

As concerned neighbors, Glenda Presley said her husband stopped by Hall’s home to check on him, and he did not answer the door. “We tried calling his home phone, and cell phone, and got the answering service on each,” she said.

Failing to reach him, police were asked go by the council meeting to make sure Hall was not in attendance. He was not there. According to Glenda Presley. Police then entered the councilman’s home and found him dead in his bedroom.

“The police officer said he looked as if he were just asleep,” said Presley. While an official cause of the councilman’s death has not been released, Jacque Feilke, battalion chief of public affairs, for Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services, did confirm that medical units responded, along with police, to his residence, at 7:30 p.m., Monday.

Hall is survived by his ex-wife, Betty Hall, and his four daughters, Kai Hall, Shavaun Jones, Mina Hall, and Ruthe Hall; his brother, Larry Hall, and twin sister, Marye Hall-Willis, and two grandchildren.