Accused shooters held without bond

A botched robbery that ended in the death of a clerk Saturday night would have netted the three suspects less than $500, according to Clayton County Magistrate Court records.

Two of the men were in court, Thursday afternoon, for a first appearance hearing. Sheldon Emory Brown, 23, and Otis Jamal Parker, 22, were arrested Wednesday and charged with murder, armed robbery and aggravated assault. The third suspect, James B. Hightower, 24, was shot during the robbery and is in critical condition at Atlanta Medical Center, said Clayton County Police Lt. Tina Daniel.

Judge Richard Brown said Hightower got $445 from the store register before being shot.

Clerk Deon Causey, 29, died while exchanging gunfire with the trio trying to rob Moe's Beer, Wine and Tobacco Outlet in Morrow. A second employee was wounded, but is expected to survive.

Police said the men allegedly stole the money to celebrate Parker's birthday, which was Saturday. Hightower turned 24 on Aug. 22.

"It appears they went on a spree to get money for a birthday celebration," said Daniel on Wednesday. "They cased some other places and decided on this one."

Neither man had questions during the brief hearing, but both asked the magistrate to read the charges against them. They are being held without bond in the Clayton County Jail.

A Morrow man arrested in an unrelated shooting Saturday was also in court Thursday. James Michael Glenn, III, 19, is charged with shooting another man in the face, five or six times, said Judge Brown. Brown said Glenn confronted, and shot, Cliff Raymond Brannon, Jr., 57, of Morrow, while Brannon walked his dog. A motive is unclear.

Brown said Brannon is now brain dead. Glenn refused to let police in when they went to his house, Wednesday, to arrest him on charges of aggravated battery and aggravated assault. The Clayton County Police SWAT team was called out, and used non-lethal means to force Glenn into custody.

County records show that Glenn is serving five years on probation after pleading guilty in February to theft by receiving stolen property and theft by shoplifting charges. Records also show that Glenn pleaded guilty, as a first offender, to possession of less than an ounce of marijuana, the same day in February 2010 that he was charged with simple battery.

He pleaded no contest to the simple battery charge, and was sentenced to 12 month’s probation. Court records show that Glenn violated his probation about six months later.


stephaniemaddox90 4 years, 3 months ago

This is so sad and messed up. I knew Deon a.k.a Low and went to the veiwing. These boys dont know how many people they hurt taking a life. He had a very young daughter. She is going to grow up without her daddy apart of her life. They are going to have to live with that for the rest of their lives. He was trying to protect himself and the others that was in the store at the time. He had a lot of friends and family. R.I.P Deon Causey. He will be greatly missed.


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